Who Is The Victim Here?

Content warning: This post contains discussions of physical abuse and sexual assault perpetrated by caregivers. Last week, I read a horrific story in the Los Angeles Times about an employee of a retirement home who was sentenced to life in prison for torturing the residents. The story in the Times describes patients as ‘dementia ridden’ […]

Abuse of Intellectually Disabled Workers at Iowa Meatpacking Plant

Note: There are a number of links to news stories in this post. All of them have problematic language. A horrifying story out of Iowa has been getting some press attention over the last few days, if you know where to look1. An Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) report detailed the abuse of workers with […]

Recommended Reading for Friday, 7 May 2010

Warning: Offsite links are not safe spaces. Articles and comments in the links may contain ableist, sexist, and other -ist language and ideas of varying intensity. Opinions expressed in the articles may not reflect the opinions held by the compiler of the post and links are provided as topics of interest and exploration only. I […]

An OYD Airline Rant

I won’t apologize for her actions and I’m not sorry for what happened to you. It’s not in our contract to assist passengers with their luggage and we reserve the right to refuse assistance to anyone. If that’s what you need, then perhaps in the future, you should make other travel arrangements. Well, to say […]

Criticism and the Vatican, Part Two: Adventures in Bad Reporting

I wanted to specifically address something I’ve noted seems to be a bit of a recurring theme in how newspapers are handling the reporting on child abuse cases involving Deaf boys. I think the best way to illustrate it is just to throw some pull quotes at you: …their reports fell on the deaf ears […]

Criticism and the Vatican, Part One: You Really Want To Go There?

As I suspect many of our readers are well aware, there’s an ongoing abuse scandal in the Catholic Church which really exploded when news broke that Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict) could have intervened in some cases of abuse and didn’t. I’ve been following the ongoing issues with the Church and child abuse for years, […]

Recommended Reading for Friday, 9 April: Special FWD Contributors Elsewhere Edition!

It’s been a while since we had a round of ‘FWD Contributors writing elsewhere,’ so, without further ado… abby jean writing at Feministe: Fighting Ableism Fights Sexual Assault (Content warning: Discussions of sexual assault, depression.) Fighting against ableist language or ableist tropes in pop culture helps undermine the messages that could convince a woman with […]

For Cereal, Stars and Stripes? Mocking “Paranoia” is Headline-Worthy?

OK, so I saw this one in my paper edition because I get it the night before (and technically a day late, since I am in the future!), but you can find it online too. In the 16 March edition of Stars and Stripes writer Jeff Schogol wrote an article containing letters from people who […]

We Need to Consider More than Universities

There’s a lot of really good stuff out in the blogoamorphia1 about sexual assault on uni campuses. The focus is specifically on USian colleges and universities though Rape Culture exists pretty much everywhere with only slight variation. It’s worth reading, if you’re up to reading about sexual assault at all. (I’m not always.) Predators are […]

This is Why We’re Always on about Language

I’m not linking to the original source because the specifics don’t matter. This isn’t about the individual people or the individual documents involved. This is just an example of how the use of ableist language harms disabled people. Sometimes our posts on ableist language are on the abstract side, so here’s something real concrete. The […]

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