5 responses to “Recommended Reading for November 16”

  1. codeman38

    …Wait, you didn’t include the Consumerist article about the _Up_ rental DVD?

  2. codeman38

    Ah, OK. Didn’t know that; thanks.

  3. ModernWizard

    Thanks for including the link to Harvi Carel’s story. I found her article thought-provoking.

  4. kaninchenzero

    “There’s also a fear of … maybe even the impression that maybe you’re being unfair or discriminatory.”

    This shouldn’t be news for y’all, cupcake, but in case it is? If you aren’t hiring people with disabilities because you’re worried about being able to fire them because you just know they aren’t going to work out, you are in fact being discriminatory.

    “Y’all” here being addressed to the participants in the survey in the third-linked article, not anyone actually, y’know. Present.