FWD/Forward was a group blog written by a collective of disabled people/people with disabilities, some of whom were feminists and some of whom worked in solidarity with feminists. It was a place to discuss disability issues from an intersectional approach and people did not need to identify as feminist to be welcome at FWD although antifeminists and MRAs were encouraged to get their jollies elsewhere. The content here ranged from basic information designed to introduce people who were new to disability issues, feminism, or social justice to some core concepts, to more advanced topics, with the goal of promoting discussion, conversation, fellowship, and education.

This site did not claim to speak for all feminists with disabilities or all people with disabilities. However, we were trying to cultivate a broad perspective which incorporated as many experiences and viewpoints as possible. We attempted to assemble a diverse team of contributors with a broad spectrum of disabilities who come from different cultural, racial, religious, and class backgrounds, as well as age groups, and we welcomed contributions such as guest posts, suggestions for article topics, and engagement in the comments from people interested in disability issues, disability feminism, and related topics, especially if those contributions would broaden our perspective.

Our run was brief — we were forced to shutter due to lack of support paired with more or less continuous harassment, and this website is maintained as a partial archive to reflect some of our work. Many have since drawn extensively on our work — often without credit — so it is clear that our work had an influence at the time and continues to do so.

If you came here looking for something specific and it’s gone, sorry! Some content has been removed for privacy, security, and other reasons. If you’re a researcher attempting to trace the origins of a specific concept or framework that you believe originated here, you can contact Anna Hamilton, the site’s current custodian, for more information: hamdotblog at gmail [.] com.