Mission Statement

Mission Statement

FWD/Forward is a group blog written by people with disabilities, some of whom are feminists and some of whom work in solidarity with feminists. It is a place to discuss disability issues from an intersectional approach and people do not need to identify as feminist to be welcome at FWD although antifeminists and MRAs are encouraged to get their jollies elsewhere. The content here ranges from basic information that is designed to introduce people who are new to disability issues, feminism, or social justice to some core concepts, to more advanced topics, with the goal of promoting discussion, conversation, fellowship, and education.

This site does not claim to speak for all feminists with disabilities or all people with disabilities. However, we are trying to cultivate a broad perspective which incorporates as many experiences and viewpoints as possible. We have attempted to assemble a diverse team of contributors with a broad spectrum of disabilities who come from different cultural, racial, religious, and class backgrounds, as well as age groups, and we welcome contributions such as guest posts, suggestions for article topics, and engagement in the comments from people interested in disability issues, disability feminism, and related topics, especially if those contributions will broaden our perspective.

We are very committed to accessibility; we want everyone to be able to enjoy our content. To that end, we commit to fully captioning and describing any images published here, transcribing text in images and audio content, and taking any other steps which can improve accessibility. We also welcome translation of our content into other languages. If you identify an accessibility issue here, we most definitely want to hear about it.

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About Our Contributors

abbyjean is a feminist with mental illness(es) living in sunny Southern California. She’s particularly interested in how race, class, spoken language, and other identities intersect with disability issues. She loves research and science and policy and hates it when people use junk science to justify bad policy. She also loves music and enthusiastic dancing. She has no real blog but posts a lot of clippings and such at her tumblr. You can reach her at abbyjean [at] disabledfeminists.com.

amandaw is a disabled feminist from sunny and much-warmer central California who currently lives in not-so-sunny southwestern Pennsylvania. She has several chronic illnesses of the mental and physical varieties, and fully expects to accumulate more as her life progresses. She writes at her blog, Three Rivers Fog and also (more frequently) at her Tumblr. She is a Kinks fanatic, a hockey convert and major Penguins fan, and an amateur photographer.

Anna regularly blogs about history, Canadian politics, and disability activism at her Dreamwidth account.  She lives in Halifax, NS, while working on her M.A. in history focusing on education for people with disabilities in late-eighteenth early-nineteenth century Canada.  She likes ponies, kitties, and people named Don.  She also likes to talk about herself a lot.

Annaham is a feminist with several disabilities who occasionally updates her personal blog. She lives in California’s Bay Area with her partner and a silly little dog named Winston. She is currently getting her Master’s in Women and Gender Studies; her research interests include disability and cultural/social attitudes surrounding it, the body, gender, nontraditional media, art of all kinds, and social equity.

Chally is a scary, scary feminist. She lives in Australia with an ever-expanding collection of fiction, over 300 metres of French knitting, her precious laptop and two chronic illnesses. Among other things, she’s non-white, cis, middle class and a woman. She has a certain fondness for Doctor Who, cake, all things theatrical and making the world a better place. Her writerly sense tells her there is an excess of listing in this bio, but at least the lists all have four items. You can also find Chally at Zero at the Bone and Feministe.

Kaninchen Zero is a woman-focused social justice activist, queer, trans, poly, kinky, atheist, socialist, a gamer, happy in a legal interracial same-sex marriage in Texas, and nearly forty. She has an overlookable physical disability (she can walk but slowly, painfully, and with a limp) and mental illnesses she can’t hide any more. Other blog-ish type stuff can be found at her LiveJournal, her Dreamwidth, and her Tumblr. Short-form fiction is mostly at her story blog. The official short form of her pseudonym is k0, pronounced kaynull or kaynought. The avatar is her own drawing.

OuyangDan is a Native American, Pagan, formerly single mommy, invisibly disabled US Navy Veteran, currently living in South Korea on Uncle Sam’s dime.  She has a super-human tolerance for caffeine and chocolate and believes she should use those powers for good.  She said should.  She is a great big [gamer dork] who will gladly chak your blit and pwn you, n00b.  She is not concise, and can be found at random babble… and her family blog.

s.e. smith (who used to appear under the pseudonym ‘meloukhia’) is a genderqueer, fat, white, lower middle class person with disabilities who lives in Northern California. Ou also writes at this ain’t livin’ and greatly enjoys getting lost in the woods, riling people up, and exploring the English language.

Lauredhel is a forty-something Australian woman with a disability. As well as blogging about disability, her bloggy interests include feminism, reproductive justice, freedom from violence, the uses and misuses of science and language, oppressions in medical and health systems and structures, her vegetable garden, and whatever else pops into her head. Likes: fruit toast, tall trees, fleecy dressing gowns. Dislikes: Mornings, cockroaches, docsplaining. Lauredhel also blogs at Hoyden About Town.

Many thanks are due to Amandaw, who tossed the idea for this site out on a Tuesday afternoon in October, and to the passengers on the Carousel o’ Rant, who decided to make it happen.

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