6 responses to “Recommended Reading for October 26”

  1. Adelaide Dupont

    I love PostTrauma.net. Has lots of great recommendations for books. It would be great to see what they do with forums.
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  2. meloukhia

    Oh my stars, I just read the “When two cakes…” post and I am SPITTING MAD. Who on Earth does that sort of thing? Well, I guess we know the answer to that, but still, I am all kinds of pissed off and horrified.

    And I am ESPECIALLY pissed at the bystander who did nothing while a woman and her service animal were assaulted in public.
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  3. Leigh

    Thanks for the kudos on the site Adelaide – I just launched the it a few days ago and I haven’t built up a community around it yet, so I’m still pondering if I should add a forums section or what would really be most helpful and useful to the user.

    I’m thinking of adding a survey to see what sort of services are really helpful for users.

    I welcome any advice, thoughts and links for the site :)

  4. thetroubleis

    Ah, one of my least favorite parts of being partnered with a service dog is the drive by petting. People assume that I’m blind or Deaf, and there is no way a blind or Deaf person would notice what they are doing. At least, that’s what they think.

    You ask them to not touch your working dog and sometimes people get psychically or verbally abusive.

    The help my Figaro gives me is worth it, but I wish people weren’t such asshats.
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  5. meloukhia

    I’ve never trained/worked with a service animal before, but I have partnered with/trained/worked with working animals, and I’ve noted that most people have no respect for working animals and their handlers at all. I don’t know if that’s just the way people are, or if people are so separated from the very *idea* of working animals that they don’t know how to act around them.

    Fortunately, I’ve always worked with really scary, although very well trained, animals, so when I’ve politely asked people not to touch them, they tend to back off. I don’t understand why people think it’s appropriate to try and handle a working or service animal when it’s identified as working, and when the handler makes a polite request. It’s assault, pure and simple.
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  6. thetroubleis

    Meloukhia, I often hear, “But I love dogs!” and folks act like it’s unfair that they can’t get their dog fix with my dog. This is a major issue, as Figaro is still in training and is a very people orientated dog and I don’t want him to get distracted and not alert. If he doesn’t alert I can miss out on telling him to do the things needed to keep me safe. One of the things he is learning is to find bathrooms when I have an anxiety attack, and it’s harder to ask him to do that all the way into an attack rather than before or in the start, which is what happens when he alerts.

    My safety depends on people not inferring with him, as does the success of his training. Not all of it, depends on other folks, but it’s easier and quicker to train things without interference.
    .-= thetroubleis´s last blog ..On work. =-.