Quickhit: “From Cool to Crippled” in advertising

Bad Cripple shows us a couple of ads, in Why Equality is Elusive, Part I and Part II. Description [emphases are mine]: The ad is headed, in red, “Drive stupid and score some kickin’ new wheels.” This heading is placed beside the image of an slim adolescent boy, white-appearing and dark-haired, wearinga red T-shirt, black […]

We are not to be believed

This post is going to talk in non-explicit ways about the sexual abuse of children with disabilities, and the inclination of people to not believe them. Writing about the history of people with disabilities is often a process of reading between the lines. Surviving records tend to be written by non-disabled people in positions of […]

Ask Me No Questions and I’ll Tell You No Lies

In “How Do I Say ‘My Brain Is Not Like Yours’?” I discussed a lot of the frustrations I experience as a neuroatypical when I’m in social situations and attempting to navigate human interactions. Nowhere is this more difficult to me than in settings which people regard as “casual” and “low stress,” because these are […]

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