10 responses to “Gender, health, and societal obligation”

  1. Tori

    I like this. I’d say more, but I’m seriously sleep deprived.

  2. Jill


    Just that for now. That and “thanks.”

  3. Kaitlyn

    It is a vicious cycle.

    Maybe it’s me, but I could feel you getting more and more passionate more and more angry (in a good way) – this is powerful.

    I would think the primary benefit of getting the “right” amount of sleep for you is that you feel good. When I can’t sleep, I don’t give a damn about how that will affect my productivity (of course, still in college) and my ability to help others, I worry about how I will feel – will I be able to think, to cross the road safely, to stay awake.

    And I love stupid o’clock in the morning.

  4. K

    I can’t agree enough with this. I have chronic migraines, and I *need* to sleep a certain amount and take frequent naps. I get shit for it ALL THE TIME about how I must be the laziest person ever and HOW DO I SLEEP THAT MUCH and why won’t I get up early on the weekend to do X, Y or Z. People get headaches too, you know, and they just deal with it.

    The only way that I can function with my full-time job, that I need to, you know pay my bills,, is to get an amount of sleep that is adequate for me.

  5. Alison Bergblom Johnson

    Amanda – Right on! Very detailed analysis. You’ve taken thoughts I’ve had generally and backed them up.

    I love the idea of equal opportunity for. Also as an aside, I’m sick of discussing the stigma of mental illness. It seems like such a slight word for what is really discrimination.


  6. Krishji

    Thank you so much for writing this. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I am sick and tired of the whole anti-sleep rhetoric that I’ve been hearing since my earliest days of childhood – ain’t nobody’s business if I choose to sleep. My sleep is mine and I won’t have anyone talking me out of it.

  7. Tracy

    Thank you for this. Do you mind if I link back to this?

  8. Sasha_feather

    Wow, yes.

    I was just thinking, “I will be better able to fulfill all of my roles if I take care of myself first.”

    Shouldn’t taking care of myself be my first priority anyway?

  9. hsofia

    This is a tough issue, especially for those of us from cultures in which individualism takes a backseat to the rights of the community (or family).

  10. lizkayl

    Perhaps this undervaluing of tasks women typically do- the amount of labor and stress and planning that happens behind the scenes- perhaps this is why women are more prone to chronic conditions.

    Personally, I do best with 9 hours a night. I don’t usually get it, but when I do, I work best.