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Working Towards the Neutral Place

Something that I see coming up a lot in discussions about language is the argument that, by asking people to refrain from using words that refer to disability as pejoratives because they reinforce the idea that disability is categorically bad, people engaging in discussions about language are saying that disability is a bed of roses […]

Recommended Reading for 16 August 2010

Warning: Offsite links are not safe spaces. Articles and comments in the links may contain ableist, sexist, and other -ist language and ideas of varying intensity. Opinions expressed in the articles may not reflect the opinions held by the compiler of the post and links are provided as topics of interest and exploration only. I […]

Weekly Job Roundup

Jobs in Toronto and Bangkok.

Event: August 17: A Non-Visual Perspective on Self-Defense

via email Accessible World ClassRoom of the Air presents A Non-Visual Perspective on Self-Defense, August 17, 2010 In this seminar, Larry Lewis, President of Flying Blind LLC will be discussing non-visual strategies for self-defense techniques that can be used by persons who are blind/visually impaired. Lewis has studied a few different martial arts but has […]

My Experiences with Disability & The Kink Community

I actually do believe people genuinely have no idea about accessibility-related accommodations, and I don’t think it’s some conspiracy or willful ignorance. It’s just the way things are.

Except, in my experience, in the kink community.

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