4 responses to “Vulnerability Indexes, Homelessness, and Disability”

  1. Daisy McCarty

    Hello, Abby Jean. I am an infrequent FaceBook user, but I took the time to do a write up and link to your article because it speaks to a topic that has been coming up over and over again recently in my social circle. Next time it comes up, I will be prepared to redirect the conversation in a more productive direction using the information in your awesome article.

    Here is what I wrote on FaceBook:

    “In the last few months, I have had to sit through not one, but several of those endless debates over whether one should or should not give money to homeless panhandlers. Those arguments just go around and around with no resolution. They simply leave everyone filled with some combination of angst, apathy, guilt, and self righteousness regardless of which side of the discussion they end up on.

    The linked article talks about real, long term solutions for chronic homelessness. The approach outlined has a track record of success for those that society and social service providers have generally given up on (those who habitually use drugs, those labeled as mentally ill, those with chronic health conditions, etc). It’s such a breath of fresh air to read something like this that reframes the problem and offers actual solutions that benefit the community as a whole as well as those individuals in need. If you want to make a difference for the panhandlers you see on the street corner year after year, consider advocating for and supporting this kind of program in your community.”

  2. Grace Alexander

    I’m Daisy’s sister, and saw her link on fb, following it here. Kudos on a well written focused article that points to a real solution.

  3. notemily

    This is a revelation, abby jean. Thanks for writing.

  4. Josh W

    Well said.