June 2010

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Recommended Reading, June 30

Anxiety Girl, by Natalie Dee. Seen at Learning Log. Danger Room blog at Wired – [US] Military’s Mental Health Treatment Leader Stepping Down The director of the military’s top center for post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries is resigning, after ongoing criticism of the facility’s inability to cope with the thousands of troops suffering […]

Recommended Reading for June 29, 2010

sasha_feather at access_fandom (DW): Institutionalized Access So for disabled people, suddenly the world is a lot harder to navigate because it is not designed for people with disabilities. It is designed for the “default” or unmarked human. This is a practical concern but it also sucks because it is discrimination. But this does not have […]

Once-a-week Job Search Roundup

Here’s a list of potential jobs that explicitly seek people with disabilities/disabled people, or are explicitly invited to apply, that have come across my desk this week. Please note: I have no knowledge of these jobs, don’t endorse them, and can tell you nothing about them. United States: Jobs for College Grads with Disabilities is […]

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