4 responses to “Recommended Reading for April 20, 2010”

  1. Indigo Jo

    Off topic, but the inclusion of one from Mother Jones prompts me to ask: does anyone know where to get hold of it in London (England)? Until last year you could get it readily in Borders, but they have all closed and no other book/magazine shop or newsagent seems to stock US political magazines like Ms and MJ. In fact, I think some shops stopped after Borders started. I know I could subscribe but I didn’t buy every issue and can’t afford to.

  2. Astrid

    Does anyone know of any other way to contact the goldfish other than the comment form? I want to participate in BADD, but the audio CAPTCHA doesn’t work on my connection.

  3. s.e. smith

    Astrid, I know she is on Twitter as The Goldfish.

  4. codeman38

    @Astrid: I also assume you could e-mail her at the e-mail address listed in that blog post (diaryofagoldfish at googlemail dot com).

    I also left a comment pointing out the accessibility issues with the CAPTCHA, incidentally. (It’s impossible for a deaf-blind person to post, too!)