5 responses to “Barriers to justice when rapists attack women with disabilities: Australian report”

  1. kaninchenzero

    The “gate-keeper” problem can lead to deliberate collusion, or to concealment in the name of “discretion”.

    I’ve also seen this presented as ‘we want to protect the privacy of the alleged victim.’ It is evil and infuriating, using the woman who has been raped to shield her rapist from even administrative discipline.

  2. Tera

    As Amanda Baggs writes in If this is how they handle abuse, why should it be surprising it’s everywhere?

    Here we’ve got a staff person who knows what she did was wrong, feels horrible about it, was considering quitting her job, is very honest, and wanted to stop doing this. She reported it to her boss. Expecting whatever consequences she might get. Knowing that she’d misjudged a power situation big time.

    And they told her they are doing nothing about this at all, that it’s not even a problem, essentially.

    Caroline’s communication book not having the vocabulary for her to report her rape reminds me (in a very small, much less heinous way) of an autistic woman who wanted more swear words in her PECS vocabulary. All the words she tried entering into the PECS software were “too naughty” as she says, or the software did not have pictures for them. Her staff were able to make her a card with the signs for “up” and “yours.” :)

    The autistic woman (Kingdom of Rats) wrote about this (and posted pictures!) in PECS.
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  3. kaninchenzero

    It’s practically the definition of infantilizing, innit? Adaptive technology that doesn’t provide an adult with access to adult language?

    Some days I almost think it’s the little things that get to me most. And then I remember the big ones. Like a state’s entire youth crimal justice system being intrinsically abusive. Given how many children are in that system due to mental health issues that the state won’t treat until there’s been some contact with the criminal justice system, there’s just a whole shitpile of intersectionality. These are some of the most vulnerable people around, and it shows: people keep assaulting and abusing them.

    I wish it was just Texas. I could deal with just hating my state. I’m a lefty in Joe Barton’s congressional district; I’m used to it.

  4. Silvia Teresa Osorio

    This entire article excludes the mentally ill women who get raped on a regular basis. You failed to identify the crime for what it is. For example whe you stateon section 2: “Inability of victims to identify their experience as grooming and sexual assault, [due to lack of protective-behaviour and sexual education].

    The crime of rape has no excuse whatsoever. No means no, and even body language of rejection means also “no”. So, don’t blame the victim by giving the umbrella to the rapist claiming the victim was raped “due to lack of protective-behaviour and sexual education”.

    I was perfectly very well sexual educated by my brilliant mother. And very well taught how to say no to men hitting on me. Yet, I have been raped over one hundred times. It is because of people like you catering the crime and always finding an excuse for the rapist to get away with this garbage. No wonder why the crime of rape will never end in this world with people like you and the kind of police who covers the rapist!

    The crime of rape exists because there are rapists, not because there are victims. You need to get it together first, then talk about the issue.