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Recommended Reading for Thursday

Exciting Laptop update: I dropped it off at the repair place today. I will likely not get it back till after the holiday. Picture my face of woe. Woe. Lucky I can at least borrow Don’s laptop to check email and play Farmville. Right now I’m at my library, which closes at the horribly-early hour of 6 p.m. (Usually it closes at midnight.)

Yay! The newest Disability Blog Carnival is up at Rolling Around in my Head:Long Nights: Disability Blog Carnival!

We’ve all had long dark nights. We’ve all learned, to greater and lesser degrees how to survive them. This Disability Blog Carnival comes on the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. One can forget that in another part of the world, it is the day with most light. There is always balance. The submissions to the Carnival speak of strategies rather than solutions, realizations rather than remedies. I think that’s what makes them so compelling. I wrote my post the other day and realized how deep and how difficult it was to write about darkness. I applaud all who submitted and thank them for the many times I was moved, to tears, to thought and, perhaps even, to action.

The next Disability Blog Carnival will be hosted by Butterfly Dreams

he theme I have chosen is LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY, taken from the title of a song in one of the Shrek movies, and one of my favorite songs of all time. Write about a time when you openly and proudly identified as a person with a disabilty, or, if you’re a non-disabled ally, write about a time when you were proud to stand by us. Or….you could make it into a musing on the word “freak” itself, and related words. Do they help us? Hurt us? Is it wrong to call ourselves freaks, spazzes, and gimps? Or is it empowering? Or……something else!! I’m flexible – as long as you can justify it fitting the theme, I’m good.

Noelle Cigarroa Bell at Deaf Echo: Why I Almost Didn’t Sign The Dailykos Petition

I was reluctant to sign the Dailykos petition in support of Netflix and asking the FCC to reign in Comcast’s abuse of corporate power. Why was I reluctant to do so? Because of the history of Netflix’s hostile business practices towards the deaf community, in refusing to caption streaming videos. Dana Mulvany, a consumer advocate, explains the history between Netflix and the deaf community, which I am a part of:

Yet virtually all new DVDs and TV programs have captions or subtitles. Why hasn’t Netflix figured out how to repurpose the captions and subtitles from DVDs more quickly for online streaming? Hulu.com does this with a very short turn around period without even charging viewers. Netflix has dragged its feet about doing this even when it’s raking in millions of dollars from its subscribers. The problem seems to be one of attitude and will, not resources.

Pipe Cleaner Dreams: Slip Sliding Away

I need your help. This is the first year that we have had our wheelchair ramp and really needed to use it. It is Ronnie’s only access into the house.

Last week, we had our first snow. I was dreading it – not because I don’t like snow – I really love snow – but I knew that the ramp was going to be an issue. And sure enough, it was.

So here’s where I need the help. What do others of you that have ramps do when the ramps get snowy or icy?

Wheelchair Dancer: Check ME out!

Not in that way, peeps. Although if you absolutely must. Smile. This comes to me via a variety of folks, and I have enjoyed it so much that I thought I would add it to my blog. It’s a neat, neat idea: How To Borrow A Person From The Library, by Liz Colville at the Hairpin. The Toronto public library has this idea, taken from the library in Copenhagen — that people are just as cool as books and that you could just check out a person from the library.

QuickPress: The First Assistance Dog Blog Carnival is Live!

This actually went up a few days ago, and it is awesome.

Sharon’s hosted the First Assistance Dog Blog Carnival at After Gadget.

From the tremendous response of the AD blogging community, it seems as if I’m not the only one who is excited to share an AD “First” with our readers. In fact, the themes of excitement, joy, and pride run throughout the blogs in this edition. There were also a lot of blogs on the same or similar topics. I had hoped to be able to amply blurb/review every submission, but in the end it felt like it would make this post too long and repetitive. So, I have highlighted those that stand out for me in some way in each category — sometimes because a piece is written particularly well, other times because it covers an unusual topic or takes it on in an unusual way — but also included the links for other worthy posts in each category.

Enjoy! If you can’t read them all today, bookmark the page and work your way through the rest over time.

Signal Boost: The First Assistance Dog Blog Carnival!

Sharon at After Gadget has just announced that she’s going to go ahead with the Assistance Dog Carnival!

What Will the Assistance Dog Carnival Be About?

Topics will vary with each edition. The host for each edition will announce their theme at least a couple of weeks ahead of time (maybe more, if possible, to give us people with deadline issues a chance to get something in?), along with the deadline for submissions and expected publication date.

I’m very excited about this! Read more about After Gadget.

QuickPress: Asian Women’s Carnival!

Went up on the 15th.

asian women blog carnival #5: who i am when i’m (not) with you

One of the big things for me in presenting as an Asian woman is that when I think of my identity, and of my performativity, I don’t think ‘Asian,’ I think ‘Chinese’ and I think ‘Malaysian’ and I think ‘mixed-race’ and I think ‘Caucasian.’ So when I was compiling these amazing posts by these great Asian women, I thought about indicating their ethnicities – just about every one of them mentions their ethnicity in their posts (myself included). But part of performativity is choosing how we represent our identities, and our ethnicities. This edition of the carnival is, after all, about how we choose to present as Asian women. So instead of describing the posts, for the most part, I’ve simply excerpted from them.

We are who we are, but we’re not always how you see us.

Call for Submissions is out for Disability Blog Carnival #63: Relationships

The call for submissions is out for the 63rd disability blog carnival, which will be held at the Dreamwidth disability community. PWD and allies are welcome to submit.

The theme is “relationships”. Avendya explains:

This does not necessarily mean romantic relationships – how has your disability affected your relationship with your family? How do you manage balancing friendships with a limited number of spoons? How well do your coworkers deal with your disability? Basically, how does your disability impact (or not impact) your relationships with the people around you?

Submissions are due by February 20th – just leave a comment in this post to submit your article. Older essays are welcomed so long as they haven’t previous been in a Disability Blog Carnival.

Spread the word!

Quickpress: Upcoming Carnivals!

11th Carnival of Feminists, focusing on Gender Across Borders, is accepting submissions until January 5!

The 62nd Disability Blog Carnival will be at Uppity Crip/Finding My Way, and the theme is holidays! Deadline for submissions is January 11th.

The 5th Asian Women’s Blog Carnival, with the theme of Who I Am When I’m (not) With You, is accepting submissions until February 12th.

The next Down Under Feminists Carnival is planned for 5th January, 2010, and hosted by PharaohKatt at Something More Than Sides. Optional theme: Feminism and Childcare. (So, breastfeeding, parental leave, adoption, childcare as feminism…) Submissions to pharaohkatt at gmail dot com for those who can’t access blogcarnival.

I’m always happy to signal-boost Carnivals, and am not under the mistaken impression that I know all of them. Poke me to remind me of relevant carnivals you know of!

QuickPress: Disability Carnival!

Oh yay! I missed this earlier in the week, but The 61st Disability Blog Carnival is up at Writing Mental Illness!

As a writer who helps others write about their experiences with mental illness I’ve thought long and hard about what it means to tell about disability. Because there are many facets (many ways to tell, many different things to tell, and the difference between visible and invisible disabilities among others) to telling disability these posts represent a multiplicity of interpretations of the theme.

Carnival 62 will be hosted at Finding My Way.