Welcome to FWD/Forward: Feminists With Disabilities for a Way Forward. This site ran from 2009-2011, exploring a variety of feminist issues through a disability lens, in response to the lack of disability content in online feminist spaces, after which it closed due to lack of community support.

Forward is being maintained in snapshot form as an archive for those interested in browsing through old content. This archive may include outdated content and broken links. Please be advised that some content has been removed for privacy, security, and other reasons.

Anna Hamilton (hamdotblog at gmail dot com), one of Forward’s cofounders, is the site’s current custodian if you wish to assist with hosting costs or have specific questions.

Forward is unable to provide assistance, advice, or referrals for people in crisis, is not interested in solicitations for advertising space or guest posts, and does not accept materials for review or evaluation. Contact information for the site’s other contributors will not be provided, though your contact information can be passed along by request.