QuickPress: Disability Blog Carnival 71 is up!

As it is late and dinner is calling, I’m going to cheat and just C&P what Penny says over at Disability Studies. Penny: For All Your Disability Blog Carnival (And Disability History) Needs!

The November edition is up at Modus Dopens, and it’s a good solid collection of links, around the theme of intersections. Go, fix yourself a drink (suggests the host!), and have a read.

The December edition is due to post at Rolling Around in My Head, where Dave H has invited posts around the theme “long nights and what we need to get through them,” appropriate for the month with the literal longest nights (in the Northern Hemisphere), and a month with holidays that can feel like very long nights for many. Submissions are invited by December 15th for inclusion in the carnival.

Penny is also looking for hosts for the new year, so please do check her out.

I’ve only had a bit of an opportunity to look over the links, and again, this Disability Blog Carnival looks outstanding. I can’t tell readers enough: There is a rich and vibrant disability blogosphere, and I love it.

One thought on “QuickPress: Disability Blog Carnival 71 is up!

  1. Thanks! I think we’re covered on hosts through February, so I’ll start taking volunteers for the rest of 2011 sometime in January. Hosting the carnival is fun, I’ve done it a few times (and hosted the History Blog Carnival a few times too). It’s a time commitment, and it demands some organizational skills, but it also means a chance to curate an exhibit… or emcee a variety show… or whatever other analogous role matches your hosting style.

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