Paul Longmore – Activist, Historian, Writer, Professor – has died

I’m incredibly broken up about this for someone who never met Dr Longmore. I have his work scattered about my desk, and have always recommended his Why I Burned My Book as a powerful and well-written introduction to issues related to disability and disability activism. I’ve quoted him extensively since returning to university, and found his works to be the most influential in my own. I’m so shocked at his death.

You can read more about Dr Longmore at Not Dead Yet’s roundup post: Tremendous Loss: Paul Longmore has Died.

My heart and my thoughts are with his family, friends, and colleagues.

2 thoughts on “Paul Longmore – Activist, Historian, Writer, Professor – has died

  1. I am a huge fan of Paul’s work and I always hoped to get an opportunity to meet him some day. ‘Why I Burned My Book’ had such a profound impact on me the first time I read it. He was a fantastic man and a dedicated disability rights activist, and his voice will be missed.

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