BADD: A Thousand Words

You may have noticed that I’ve been on hiatus. School holidays kicked my arse, and I crashed after, and I’ve been in the crash ever since. Hopefully I’ll climb out soon and rustle up some silverware, but meanwhile, my Blogging Against Disablism Day post is just an image from a doctor’s office, taken by me a few days ago.

Yes, there’s a door at front, at the other side of the building that’s more ‘accessible’. But no accessible parking at the front. The only way to get to the front door from the undersized non-accessible carparks at the back, which are on a slight slope, is to go uphill up a fairly narrow vehicle-only accessway. There is no accessible street parking nearby.

This picture is also a good metaphor for how I feel right now.

3 thoughts on “BADD: A Thousand Words

  1. That reminds me of an issue with one of the buildings on campus here. If you drive, you can get to the accessible entrance easily. If you take the bus (which is lift-equipped), you have to go all the way around the building to get that accessible entrance from the bus stop; the entrance facing the bus stop is up a flight of stairs. And no, there’s no sign or anything indicating how to get to the accessible entrance from the bus stop; that’d make too much sense.

  2. I wish I’d gotten a shot, but the sun and cell phone cameras.. excuses excuses…

    Thursday, I saw a wooden ramp (no side bars, but one side was up against an outer wall of the house, so yay?) at a frat house. “Sweet,” I think.

    And then I keep thinking and looking. It connects the porch that came with the house with an added-on wooded patio. Sweet. Except to get on the patio, you must climb 2 steps. So I walked around the corner (corner lot) to see the front door. Yup. “Just one step” to get to front door.

    Still wish I’d asked WTF that was about – I mean, from a stereotypical frat viewpoint, it’s useless for transporting a dolly stacked with beer – you still have to get up a step somewhere.

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