QuickPress: [Ontario-only] CWDO CONTEST: “Accessibility Means…” An Exhibition

Passionate about accessibility?
Creative (even just a little bit?)

Then this contest is for you!

CWDO is creating an exhibit on what “Accessibility Means…”

The presentation will be displayed at Toronto’s People in Motion Show in June, 2010 and brought to other Awareness events around Ontario.

2nd Prize: $100
$50 to all other entries selected for the exhibit

DEADLINE: Extended to March 31, 2009 (midnight, EST)

What we are looking for:

Tell us in your own words, or show us, your vision of what life will be like when Ontario is fully accessible. We are looking for powerful statements and pictures using words and/or images:

What accessibility could be for you

What accessibility could mean to you

Something that will make people think “Wow!” and “Why not?!”

What to submit:

A sentence, paragraph, postcard, photo, sculpture, painting collage or other rendering of your idea.

A written explanation of why you feel this is a good entry for what “Accessibility means”

For visuals, please provide the information about media used (acrylic, soapstone, oil) and dimensions.

Be sure to provide your contact information: full name, email, phone number or TTY, Ontario address

How to submit your entry:

Send your entry by email to membership@cwdo.org
Written entries – by email
Other media – by email as a JPG (high definition)
Sculpture or 3-D images should be submitted by email using high definition JPG images from various angles as needed (e.g., front, sides, rear, top, bottom)

NOTE: All entries become the property of CWDO and will not be returned. However, you will be given credit for your entry(ies) if used in an exhibit. By submitting an entry you are giving permission to CWDO to use it for exhibits, in presentations and on websites.

More information:
We welcome entries from across Ontario, from all age groups, and from various disability perspectives.
You may submit as many entries as you wish.
Visuals and written materials may be used to complement each other, even if they are from different entrants.
Entries will be judged by a panel appointed by the Creative Arts and Recreation Committee. If you would be interested in serving on this panel, please let us know.
You must be a resident of Ontario to enter this contest.

Melissa Graham, Chair
Creative Arts and Recreation Committee