4 responses to “Guest Post: Embracing Disability, Struggling for Emancipation, part one: Rocky Beginnings”

  1. sanabituranima

    *hugs* I am so sorry you’ve had so much trouble with your family and that you felt so bad you attempted suicide.

    I wonder how old children are before they learn the “if you’re sick it’s your fault” meme.

  2. Eliot Renard

    @sanabituranima: Thanks. :)

    I definitely had that meme down when I was twelve. Sadly, I think my nephew is learning this quite a bit earlier. I worry what all of the ableism around him so young would do to him if he ever got sick.

    There are so many things I want to fix, but I have no idea how. (Other than using similar techniques on my adult family members as they are using on me…but a) that is not actually “fixing things”, and b) I’m not willing to perpetuate this cycle.)

  3. Tutoring Hero

    I can’t believe you dealt with that much pain for over a decade. It sounds like you have a wonderful husband that can hopefully help you through this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. assiya

    I just wanted to say a)I am sorry your family deals with your health so badly and b) thank you for writing this. My family does not take it as far as yours, but as I rejoin them again for the holidays it is really stressing me out. Reading this article helped. Thank you.