3 responses to “Guest Post: Matchstick Girl”

  1. r.t.

    Bad memories.

    Today the air smelled cold and autumnal, and reminded me of the smell of chemo, the taste of it, the feel of being saturated with poison.

    I also remember how I was treated through US K-12 education. I am also autistic and was mercilessly harassed by faculty and students as I was mainstreamed and had no diagnosis until I was 16. I was still mainstreamed after getting one, and still mainstreamed, put up front and center when employed as customer service in retail, hiding my anxiety attacks and autistic proclivities all the while being assaulted with sensation and specific social demands face to face.

    Now I don’t work but do have a great big neon bulls-eye painted on me, cause now I’m That-Guy-With-No-Arm. The city I reside in is only large enough for one of those apparently and I am constantly being made aware of gossip about me 6th and 7th out. I’ve little privacy and can’t pass anymore.

    At least now I cause anxiety attacks in others for simply existing-in-proximity to them. A refreshing role reversal.

    Bookmarked your website.

  2. Chally

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing.

  3. Ali

    It’s strange, because the only strong reaction I had to this was jealousy.

    None of my bullies have ever made a move to apologize. It’s been 7 years since I left high school and I remember it all too vividly.
    Ali´s last blog post ..mumbled a sentence that ended in “James”