Guest Posting

FWD/Forward: Feminists with disabilities for a way forward ( is an intersectional feminist site which focuses on promoting the voices of people whose marginalisation lies at the intersection of disability and gender.

FWD’s guest posting feature centers disabled voices from around the Internet. We are looking for guest posters, both previous contributors and new ones, who are interested in writing one to three posts for FWD. (If you have more to say, we are certainly open to negotiation!)

We welcome posts from people with disabilities which are written from an intersectional perspective (and note that you do not need to identify as a feminist to be welcome at FWD). If this is you, we would very much like to hear from you!

We would welcome pitches (please send to guestposting[@]disabledfeminists[.]com) on a wide variety of topics and are not at all averse to cross-posting material. In your pitch, please include a little bit of information about yourself, with a link to your site(s) or a sample of your writing so we can get a sense of who you are and your writing style. If the FWD team is interested, we will contact you to solicit a guest post and to discuss the mechanics of how guest posting at FWD works for us, and what we can do to make the experience as pleasant and productive as possible for you.

Please be aware that it can take us several weeks to respond to pitches, as we are balancing the needs of nine people with disabilities in far-flung corners of the globe and we prefer to make consensus decisions.

Some topics of interest (which are by no means the only topics we are interested in, so please do not feel in any way limited to this list) to get you started if you are interested in approaching us but you are not sure what you would like to write about include:

  • Disability for consumers; discussions of products designed for people with disabilities and workarounds to make products more functional, as well as reports on customer service interactions.
  • Awareness-building posts, such as posts about service animals and assistive-technology, or posts about experiences with “care services” for people with disabilities.
  • Structural and policy critiques from around the world; discussions about everything from disability services at universities to pending legislation which pertains to disability rights.
  • Activism action items; are there concrete actions FWD readers could be taking which would help people with disabilities like completing surveys, writing representatives, etc?
  • Personal stories and narratives about the role disability plays in your life.
  • Explorations of the intersections between disability and anti-racism, feminism, and other social justice work.
  • Fun things! Features on art made by disabled artists, disability-centred events, and much more.
  • Writing on why you do (or don’t) identify as feminist and how that intersects with your disability identity.
  • Book reviews, both of fiction and non-fiction books featuring people with disabilities (see: books)
  • Discussions and critiques of pop-cultural references to disability
  • Ableist Word Profiles, a feature focused on discussing ableist language. (see: AWP)
  • Dear Imprudence, a column in which we deconstruct advice columns. (see: Dear Imprudence)

We look forward to featuring new voices on FWD on a regular basis and we hope that yours will be one of them.