One response to “Recommended Reading for 22 July 2010”

  1. Sarah

    The Wired article was quite interesting. I have to say that I have a knee-jerk reaction to anything that involves potentially dangerous and unproven treatment for PWD. There are too many historical examples of our bodily autonomy being violated, often in the worst ways imaginable. There is too much of this shit going on today. It does seem, however, that there is some solid science suggesting that severe complications are rare. I would still need to know more, however. What about “mild” complications? How are they classifying this? I also don’t like that the doctor’s comments implied that no one who receives this treatment will commit suicide or experience further mental health issues. I highly doubt that this treatment works for absolutely everybody, and it’s dangerous to promote supposed cure-all solutions. (That’s actually a sign of potential pseudoscience, too.) I hope that people who receive this treatment aren’t cut off from other forms of support, counseling, etc.

    Having said that, people should probably be allowed to receive this treatment with fully informed consent.