Chatterday! Open Thread.

This is our weekly Chatterday! open thread. Use this open thread to talk amongst yourselves: feel free to share a link, have a vent, or spread some joy.

What have you been reading or watching lately (remembering spoiler warnings)? What are you proud of this week? What’s made your teeth itch? What’s going on in your part of the world? Got any questions for your fellow FWD commenters?

Today’s chatterday is hosted by a mantis, via The Daily Squee.

closeup of mantis holding its front legs in the air, as if in celebration

A note to commenters: Please, as with other threads, keep the length of your comments down. A usual guideline, in the absence of extenuating circumstances, is to stick to around three pithy paragraphs or so, and to avoid making back-to-back comments.

20 thoughts on “Chatterday! Open Thread.

  1. Quiet Chatterday so far today! Woe! Is this because there’s a holiday of some sort in the US?

    Ah well. I’m drinking a root beer float and waiting impatiently for New Who. Why is it not tomorrow yet?

  2. I’m also drinking a root beer float! High Five!

    Cool things: looking forward to the three day weekend and gearing up for a cookout with a couple friends on Memorial Day.

    Not cool things: having out of town friends leave for their homes after a long stay. Kinda bummed.

    Also, I haven’t really seen this mentioned on these chatterday threads, but… does anyone out there, other than me, have teeth that actually itch? Usually it only happens if I’m peaking at a manic point or if I’m on some kind of antibiotic, but it bothers me, especially when I mention it and everyone around me looks at me like I’m a space creature or something.

  3. I’m going to spend the holiday going “Why haven’t they picked up my mail yet?”

    Oh well, it’s better than when there’s a federal holiday and Mom is off and everything is closed and you assume that because you have classes, your doctor’s office is open, so you can call and leave a message.

    The last time we did something for a Memorial Day (that I remember) was in 2001 – we went camping and I got sunburned – it was before my health problems started, we had an amazing camp site and our puppies. I had my new CD player (shut it) and the Beatles 1 cd, so when I hear some of the songs, I picture the trails there. ­čÖé

    I am doing really good, aside from the pain. I’ve sent off the forms to social security and have nothing else required of me right now.

    Mom and I have been walking in the morning and yes, I have to wear a tank top, how else will I get a tan? It does hurt towards the end, but not too bad. Plus, unless we got out before 7am, we get back soaked in sweat, so that kind of takes priority. (and I’ve yet to get out before 8:30)

    And mom’s taken something I’ve said to heart – she slept til noon one day and didn’t go on a walk. Then another day, we had to be somewhere at 9 and didn’t get up early enough to walk as well. But she said, I won’t obsess over the missed walk, I’ll walk today. ­čÖé

    I’m just content.

    And! Major news! We live in a “new” neighborhood (’70s) without old growth huge trees and the squirrels that live there. Well, this morning, after the walk, we saw a squirrel in the backyard. This afternoon, we got home and saw Dixie pacing around the tree. She even put her paws on the tree. I was so happy I jumped up and down… twice.

    But all is not well – a man was assaulted for parking in a handicapped spot because he didn’t look disabled and neither did his vehicle – because it was his dad’s and his dad painted or something. And he “only” uses a cane. (memories from the news broadcast)

    The victim was RUN OVER. WTF.

  4. I’ve been enjoying a no school summer! First one in a long time, so I’m pleased. I’ve been reading ‘fun’ books. Edward Rutherford’s New York and and Carol Goodman’s Arcadia Falls. Both are excellent.

    My littlest chicken (Francis, a buff silkie bantam) has been laying eggs. They are teeny tiny and adorable.


    My aunt in Nebraska has chickens (she had horses at one point – they sold all the land to a company, so the company takes care of growing things) and I loved loved loved getting the eggs! She sells extras to her neighbors.

    I didn’t love the chickens as much and held one gingerly… what if it scratches me to death?! Mom’s holding one all calm. (They had chickens when growing up in New Mexico.)

    Only problem with the chickens – Dixie likes to kill them. Chickens like to get out of their pen. There are two fenced in areas, and we don’t tie our dogs up, so they needed a fenced in area, so we shooed all the cluckers into the smaller fenced in area. One got into the bigger area… we learned after Dixie was all excited and showed Daniel the blood and feathers on her… and then the corpse.

    The second one got out entirely, and the chase was on. Dixie never caught it, I think it died from stress and getting caught in chicken wire/fencing.

    But I did love the henhouse. It would be so fun to convert into a guest house. (in a fantasy mood, mom was going to live in it… with the chickens.)

  6. Not much to report this week…Still recovering from Major Deadline last week, but starting to read Real Novels again. You know, for fun. Not because I have to read the book for an assessment or anything, but just because I can. Feels good. I’ve missed inhabiting fiction — just haven’t had the energy to read novels on top of all the uni stuff I’ve had to read, for the last few months.

    Root beer float? Hmmm. I drink tea, and I drink coffee. I do not drink this root beer of which you speak.


  7. I had a rather eventful week. Specifically, I had some rather intense discussions with my mental health professionals. I came out about having inside personalities/parts. Having come out only once before, five years ago, to a psychologist who wouldn’t believe me, I was really scared for the reaction I’d get, but both my nurse and psychologist took me seriously.

  8. I’m finally getting somewhere with my job! Boss got my ergonomic assesment report through and not only are the adjustments minimal, an order is in for them. So hopefully not long now unitl I start!

    On the other side of things, the weather has turned wet again and my joints are objecting. Again. ­čÖü

  9. I wish I had a root beer float. I haven’t had any kind of float in, gosh, years. The weather has been ridiculously hot here, like more than 25 degrees all week (that’s Celcius); I’d gladly trade with you, lullabymoon.

    I’ve been really depressed lately, but I saw a doctor about it last week, got some bloodwork done the other day, and will be seeing the doctor again next Monday (the 9th) to discuss treatment, particularly medication.

    I’m not totally wild about the idea of meds, because my mind keeps dwelling lovingly on all the things that could possibly go wrong (and I’m scared of having access to that many pills, frankly). But given that therapy/counselling has been basically wholly ineffective…it’s the logical next step.

  10. I’ve been holed up at a friends house sleeping most of the day and night after my second surgery that has made me a cyborg. (Interstim implant to stop my urinary retention. Which has worked perfectly.) The pain was never that bad, but the sickness has just gotten worse (think it triggered my immune system). So I’m sleeping all the time, having bizarre dreams, and feeling like crap when awake. But it’s worth it. I just have to feel cruddy for awhile in the meantime.
    .-= Amanda┬┤s last blog ..I have become a cyborg!! =-.

  11. Kaitlyn- Silkies are known for being the calmest and most maternal of chickens- even roosters have been known to raise chicks. They are too cute as well. Francis is all soft and fluffy and sweet. I’ve been raising chickens for two years now and find it very stress reliving!

  12. I love chickens. I grew up with them as well. Here are some old pics:

    The last one is hard to see but there is a tiny chick tucked into the covers on top of me while we both slept.

    Chickens can be extremely cuddly. And ours always wanted to be petted. And we had so many eggs we could give them away to half the neighbors, and since our chickens ate a good varied diet and got to run around, not only were they happier but the eggs were way better than supermarket eggs.

    And eeeee cute mantis.
    .-= Amanda┬┤s last blog ..I have become a cyborg!! =-.

  13. It’s been so hot here lately that I’m been laying around all day. The heat is even getting to my dog, who keeps hogging the fan. It should not be 90 F in Maine, in May.

    In good news, my brother is on leave from base, but I ended up staying home becuase I can’t handle seeing all the extended family right now. I’ll get to see him later this week.

    I envy you guys with livestock. I really, really want a few sheep or goats, but it won’t be feasible for a long time.

    @Kaitlyn That news story is ridiculous and sad. I don’t even know what to say.

  14. Amanda, those pictures are adorable.

    I just didn’t grow up with them, so I’m like… “it’s moving, what is it doing?!”

    Mom grew up in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico, and a bobcat slept in her crib.

    Thetroubleis – wait, you guys can’t be hot while we’re hot! Totally unfair, if it’s too warm somewhere else, it should be too cold here!

    I’ve found a quick way to cool off that doesn’t use much energy (mine) is to lay flat on the floor, on my back, underneath the ceiling fan. Of course, the AC is also running, so…

    My uncle was very nice a few weeks ago and told me it was 110 F

  15. Oh fudge.

    My uncle lives in Vancouver, Washington. They only turn on their AC a few days etc etc. He lived here for a few years and he knows how I hate the heat.

    His wife told me the truth – that it was 48 F.

    There was a point – is the heat so unusual you don’t have an AC? And LOL at the dog hogging the fan. My brats like to lay on the linoleum when they’re hot. We had a fan on the back porch we’d drag out in March/April and yup, Jasmine would lay behind it.

  16. k0 – That is blue! (it reminds me of a slushie… I want a slushie, not a root beer float.)

    It looks great!

    Even though I know better, I’m browsing I forgot what search term led me back. For some reason, calling Johnny Depp annoying because he has tattoos bothers me. I knew they had a list of what was “annoying” and what wasn’t, so I clicked on the FAQ.

    The answer is disgusting.

    Warning – quite triggering. The least offensive is that placebos work as well as prescriptions (which means what?). The worst… well… it could trigger suicidal thoughts, let’s leave it at that.

  17. And I want to e-mail them, but I’m quite scared.

    It was one thing to tell the school paper that I was crazy and that this was offensive, but e-mailing a website dedicated to insulting people and saying, “I’ve had depression. You know nothing” feels quite risky and like I’m opening myself up to a lot of hurt.

  18. ARGH. King of the Hill is on.

    It’s the episode after Peggy starts physical therapy after being in a full body cast for six weeks. Cotton is major JERK, as usual, but he’s “right.”

    FAIL left and right.

    No one is doing any work on Peggy’s mental state – she needs to see a mental therapist as well as a physical one.

    Cotton just called her “weak” because she doesn’t have the “guts” to get better.


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