Interlude: Cat toy edition

I am quite fond of the pharmaceuticals I keep organized in my nightstand drawer. But I have to be careful not to drop them, so that the cats don’t find them and try to eat them.

But now, there’s a pill I can drop on the floor and let my kitty chew on all he wants! And if he tires of that, he can roll the bottle cap around the kitchen floor for awhile.


(A screenshot of the Etsy page for a pill-shaped cat toy. Several pictures are shown of a long-haired ginger tabby cat enjoying the catnip-filled, half-red half-blue felt toy, and the plastic orange pharmacy bottle with a prescription label reading “Catatonica.”)

The item description:

These jumbo pills contain a healthy dose of extra strength cat nip – just what the good doctor ordered.

Each pill measures approximately 3″ long and each vial contains two.

So get to the pharmacy STAT! You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of “mothers little helpers” on hand.

Take one down, bat it around, kitty is sure to have a ball.

Temporary ants-in-the-pants followed by extreme drowsiness. Increased appetite not uncommon.

Only $8! I spend way more than that on my human medications. Check out kgrantdesign’s shop for more deliciously cute kitty toys. Next up: fried eggs and bacon.

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10 thoughts on “Interlude: Cat toy edition

  1. Too much cats, gonna be sick…!

    Picture of a curly-haired beige dog, walking toward the camera, holding an orange pharmacy bottle in its mouth.

    My aunt and uncle have two cats. The humans take medications. The cats can *open* the “childproof” bottles. When I stayed there, I had to keep my meds in the cabinet, instead of on the counter. (Score one for non-climbing dogs!) I don’t know why the cat couldn’t open the cabinet door if he could open a pill bottle…

    Perfect for my uncle!

  2. I am happy to include cute puppies! Especially topical ones. But there’s no need to bash the kitties, either. Just join in with puppy pics. 🙂

  3. ETA: Nevermind, I see that Amandaw already took care of the “Too much [sic] cats” comment. However, Kaitlyn, I still think it was gratuitous, and would appreciate it if you would respect both Amandaw and your fellow commenters who may have different tastes in domestic animals than you do. Thanks.

  4. OMG! One of my cats needs this! She’s very much “Mama’s doing something? She needz mah halp!” and “Iz that foodz?” Though, with my luck, she’d ignore such a toy because she knew I wanted her to play with it. 🙂

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