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Goodbye From FWD

Dear Readers:

We agreed when we began that this site wouldn’t run indefinitely, that we would move aside when the time has come, and that time has come.

Long before FWD was even imagined, people were writing about disability and feminism, in spaces across the Internet, coming from a variety of lived experiences and beliefs. In the last year, we’ve noticed an explosion of new disability blogs, and an increased interest in disability issues at sites labeling themselves explicitly as feminist. This has been tremendously exciting to watch, as one of our goals was to join the ongoing conversation about feminism and disability, to amplify voices that weren’t being heard, to, yes, be part of the way forward towards a more intersectional discussion on feminism and disability.

It is time for FWD, in turn, to make way for the many fantastic people who have things to say that you need to know about, some of whom you can find in our blogroll. Many of the FWD contributors will continue covering disability, as well as many other issues, in a variety of venues, but our writing will no longer continue in this location. FWD/Forward itself will be maintained as a selective archive and resource so people can continue to access the content here, although comments will be closed.

If you’re looking for content you thought was here that isn’t public anymore, that is by design: Some of our contributors have chosen to remove old content because it no longer reflects their beliefs and ideas, or because it led to harassment of themselves or others. We would be appreciative if you did not resurface and publish that content elsewhere though we are aware that the Wayback Machine exists — if you’re upset about this, perhaps look inward and ask why the original author felt this way.

Thank you,

The FWD/Forward Staff