Recommended Reading for 3 December, 2010

Gentle reader, be cautioned: comments sections on mainstream media sites tend to not be safe and we here at FWD/Forward don’t necessarily endorse all the opinions in these pieces. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

It’s Your Fault! by that stunning and mysterious being, Chally, at the Don’t DIS My ABILITY blog:

The thing is, people with a disability need accommodations. Accommodations aren’t optional extras, they aren’t something we can give up if we try a bit harder. Neither are we out to get all the money/spots/benefits at the expense of the rest of the population.

Despite his disability, he wages war on HIV (I know, horrible title) by Chaitra Devarhubli at DNA India:

[Amrut] Desai visits various villages in Gujarat, where he conducts programmes on AIDS and educates villagers regarding the same.

UK: Access All Areas: Disability survey

Some 90% of people surveyed by the BBC believe the government should provide funds to make the workplace accessible for people with disabilities.

But 40% felt disabled people turned down job offers even when they were physically capable of doing them.

Deaf moviegoers sue Cinemark theater chain at the Associated Press (US):

Kevin Knestrick, an attorney for the plaintiffs, says Cinemark Holdings Inc. is the only one of the nation’s three largest movie chains not to offer closed-captioning equipment.

Sierra Leone: Disability Bill might become an Act on Friday by Poindexter Sama at Awoko:

it will institute, upon its enactment, a Disabled Commission, provide free education and vocational training for persons with disabilities at required levels, make provision for free medical care, ensure mobility in public buildings and public transports and a host of other facilities necessary for disabilities in all forms.

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One thought on “Recommended Reading for 3 December, 2010

  1. And in bad bad news about which I am upset and someone must hear/read about it other than just me: a book I read about six months ago and quite enjoyed, Beastly by Alex Flinn, is coming out as a movie next year. The book features a blind tutor. Who, of course, miraculously regains his sight, but that’s only shown for about one page. I liked the rest of the book enough limit myself to only rolling my eyes and adding in a mental re-write at this point.

    Anywho, guess who’s playing the tutor in the movie?

    If you guessed “an actor who’s not actually disabled in any way”… ding ding ding we have a winner!

    Instead, it’s Neil Patrick Harris.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wonder why I even bothered to hope for anything better.

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