Quickhit: Kelly Vincent elected to Upper House in South Australia!

The results have been declared!

Kelly Vincent and Natasha Stott-Despoja

Image: A smiling Kelly Vincent, Dignity for Disability candidate, with a blue flower in her hair and holding a bouquet of pink roses, sits next to former leader of the Australian Democrats Natasha Stott-Despoja.

South Australia State Parliament gets first disabled politician*

Labor and Liberal won 4 seats each with the Greens and Family First each winning a seat.

The make-up of the new Legislative Council will now be Labor 7, Liberal 8, Greens 2, Family First 2, independents 2, and D4D 1.

Ms Vincent has made Australian parliamentary history by being the youngest elected Upper House MP in Australia’s histolry, the youngest female ever elected to an Australian parliament, and the first person who uses a wheelchair to be elected in the SA Parliament.

“South Australians have shouted their intentions loud and clear,” she said after the count.

“People with disabilities and those who love them will no longer be silenced. I will be a voice for those without a voice.”

Parliament House will now have a scramble to make the Chamber accessible – they’ve never bothered before.

* I strongly suspect she’s not the first disabled politician. Perhaps the first where anyone else has noticed.

2 thoughts on “Quickhit: Kelly Vincent elected to Upper House in South Australia!

  1. She’s the first visibly disabled perhaps, or first wheelchair user, but no way the first overall, absolutely.

    That said, is this her post-victory photo? Her triumphant smile just totally made my day. I’m on the other side of the globe and I’m still utterly gleeful for her and what her victory means even symbolically for PWD in Australia.

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