Chatterday! Open Thread.

This is our weekly Chatterday! open thread. Use this open thread to talk amongst yourselves: feel free to share a link, have a vent, or spread some joy. About the only content-related rule is to keep this thread for things not covered in other threads over the past few weeks.

What have you been reading or watching lately (remembering spoiler warnings)? What are you proud of this week? What’s made your teeth itch? What’s going on in your part of the world?

Today’s chatterday backcloth, a teeny marmoset, comes via The Daily Squee.

teeny baby marmoset clinging to a finger

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  1. Can I just say that I am really glad Bones is in my Hulu queue? I have missed it while it has been preempted for baseball.

    Sadly, the ending of baseball preemptions means that Glee is back, and the Very Special Disability Episode airs next week. Not so glad about that.
    .-= meloukhia┬┤s last blog ..The Sound of Music =-.

  2. I went to a meeting with the graduate adviser of my MA program and didn’t turn into a wibbling person who apologized for merely existing. I’m rather proud of this.

    And he gave me really great advice for dealing with a problem I had.

    And! And! The person I’ve been marking for has asked me to mark for him again next semester, so it’s like I’ve been DOING GOOD WORK!


    Now, if only I could get my grand applications written. ­čÖü

  3. i am a snarling cranky ball of annoyance and rage. this is what happens when i’m forced to move offices within the same building and have to pack up all my files and reference materials and now i have to unpack everything and my computer won’t connect to the work server and nobody knows where phone calls to my number are going – certainly not to my phone. two full days of work time wasted on this crap and i still have not gotten a good reason why i’m being required to move.

    GRRRR. abby hulk smash!

  4. I went to Dr. Ego today, my GYN/pain management specialist.

    He asked me what I talked about with my therapist – I was quite snippy with him, so much so that my mom wanted to leave.

    Anyways, since Wednesday, it has hurt to sit upright. (And to walk. And to change positions. And…)

    Dr. Ego overbooks (we got out and it was dark and we were the last patients there. If we’d called them from the office, they wouldn’t have answered) so there is always a long wait.

    After my copay, I asked if something could be done since I couldn’t handle sitting the entire time I waited for him. One woman went off to investigate. I stood by the check-in window. The other woman told me to sit down and wait! Eventually, the first woman came back and said it would be a “few minutes.”

    I went out and laid in the truck and waited for my mom to call me to tell me to come in.

    And apparently, I have a kidney stone. Argle bargle, I can’t pass them on my own (I passed the very first one 4 years ago), so we have to find a urologist that takes my insurance… and there’s just no easy way out.
    .-= Kaitlyn┬┤s last blog ..It’s so nice when one pic sums up your day =-.

  5. I am happy that my kitty, who was diagnosed last month with heart disease and liver problems after having a seizure, is improving. The vet is happy with her progress, which means I may have the stinky little goblin for a while yet. She’s 14, and doesn’t appear to know she is sick, which is how I would like to keep it.

    That marmoset is adorable. I look at tiny animals like that and just have a hard time not believing that a shrink ray is not involved in their life cycle. How can they be so tiny and perfect?

  6. Ack, abby jean! That does not sound fun.

    Kaitlyn! That sounds generally miserable. *commiserating noises*

    You may have already thought of this terribly novel suggestion, but I thought I’d mention it anyhow, just in case, because I used to have pretty much the exact same experience with one of my docs: First appointment of the day. If your schedule allows it and you can get it, you are almost always seen promptly, because the schedule has not had time to back up. Obviously this is only an option when it fits with your schedule and you have some lead time because those appointments tend to get snapped up in advance.

  7. I think my university hates English majors, or at the very least, ones with freshman standing, because they never offer enough sections for any classes. Because of the digit my social security number ends in, and because I have freshman standing, I was VERY LAST IN LINE for priority registration, and every single section of every single English class was full, as was almost every section of almost every gender studies class, as was almost every section of almost every gen ed class that I haven’t taken or am willing to take.

    It’s making taking some time off from school to look at whether or not it’s really worth the stress and pain look much more appealing.
    .-= calixti┬┤s last blog ..Fat, health, invisible disability, and the intersection thereof. =-.

  8. There is something disgusting on Memphis radios – I don’t have one, so I only listen to it when I’m in the car. And this week was car heavy.

    They are playing what better be fictional 911 calls – the first one I heard, the caller heard an intruder, but didn’t know where she was. They’re PSAs saying “cell phones don’t provide addresses, so kindly ask the kidnapper where the abandoned warehouse is before calling 911.” Or something like that.

    I’ve heard two of them, and in both of them, the caller is a woman. (great actress, the commercials are terrifying!) Which is just typical, I guess.
    .-= Kaitlyn┬┤s last blog ..It’s so nice when one pic sums up your day =-.

  9. Aw, Naahmah, old cats rock. I’m glad yours is doing ok.

    a white cat with no ears, looming over a keyboard

    ^My old cat. Mr Bell. Who is a cranky mofo.

    Incidentally, folks who want to post pictures in this thread…add the URL to the page where the image is located, and admin magic will make it appear in your comment! Hooray!

  10. I have a few moments of joy! a) guest post, I feel so proud, thank you so much FWD peeps!!!

    b) I am now an officially diagnosed Aspie! This after four and a half years of being self-diagnosed but not needing/wanting/knowing how to organise a diagnosis and nine bloody months of trying to get an appointment to be assessed. (In fact, I’m being a bit premature – the clinician told me that I met all the criteria for AS, gave me lots of helpful pamphlets and things and told me that he’d send a letter to my GP and a copy to me. With my luck, the letter will be eaten by feral cats while the postal workers are on strike or something.) I am so happy about this you have no idea. I can maybe get, like, *actual services* and shit.

    c) after trying to get my hands on one for quite a while and discovering that all the shops in my region and the online shop had run out, I have procured an iPhone! The reason this is so important is because I’ve had touch-phones recommended to me as an accessibility measure loads of times. Thanks to the AS I have dreadful organisational skills, can be horribly forgetful and am also very very bad at figuring out what knowledge I will need ahead of time (e.g. glancing at the map, going “that seems clear! I won’t need to print it out” and then several hours later wandering around lost and confused). A handy portable repository of information with things like my to-do list, planner, bus and train times, maps, etc. etc. etc. will probably make my life so much easier I can’t even begin to describe it.
    .-= Kaz┬┤s last blog ..You are now looking at an Officially Official Aspie (TM) =-.

  11. Thanks for the advice, but since Memphis public transit is horrible, I’m dependent on my mom. It’s not fair for her to miss work so we can be seen quickly. (Especially since she’s missed so much because of my issues over the years!)

    And I don’t like scheduling morning appointments when I have appointments/class in the afternoon – always the worry that I won’t get out in time.

    Thanks for the advice though, it is something in the back of my head for the future, for new doctors.

    However, it’s also another strike against him – he can’t handle multiple 3:30 appointments, but dangit, let’s try! He also records the time we go in the exam room to the time we leave as face-to-face time, when he’s in there less than a third of the time. (We saw my record – 45 minutes with patient when he didn’t even spend 15.)

    He is a real-life Dr. House, in that all the complicated GYN cases in the area end up with him. Also, he can be a jerk. So when we tried to get another one (and a second opinion), we were told, “I’d just send you back to him.” He taught most of the GYNs in the area, he’s the chair of many important blah blah blah, he’s the best, and he knows it and shows it.
    .-= Kaitlyn┬┤s last blog ..It’s so nice when one pic sums up your day =-.

  12. Lentil soup! Yum! I’m going out to dinner later and trying not to spoil my appetite with nibbling (usually I eat early, usually she eats late, we compromised in the middle, and I is hungry!)

    calixti, I really liked your post on fat and invisible disability!

  13. I figured there might be limitations which would prevent you from getting an early appointment, Kaitlyn (which is why I normally do not offer unsolicited advice because for the most part it is annoying and not helpful). But I overrode my hatred of advice-giving because it’s a handy thing to know just in general. Some doctors will also be cool about letting you call before your appointment to find out if they are running late, which might be a more workable option. Although it doesn’t sound like it if he is such a snothead.

  14. sanabituranima, I’ll look into it. It’s complicated by the fact that we have everything on moderation; most of the plugins I have found with that function assume that comments go through right away, which means that people can be provided with, say, a 10 minute edit-or-request-deletion window after they post. And we don’t really want to add editing functionality beyond that because it can create memory holes.

    -but- you can always ask one of us if it’s possible for us to edit a comment you have posted to fix/add something. (For example if you realize that you left a bad link, or you structured a sentence wrong, or what have you, just put a comment through requesting an edit and we’ll fix it.)

  15. I can see calling him 30 minutes before the appointment.

    I’d leave a message with the nurse.

    30 minutes after the appointment time, I’d get a message from the nurse saying the message had been routed.

    The next day, I’d get another call from the nurse with his response!

    The idea made me laugh out loud, not at you, just at them. And after talking to him, I need as much LOL as I can get. Monk is on tonight, doo da doo da.
    .-= Kaitlyn┬┤s last blog ..It’s so nice when one pic sums up your day =-.

  16. Wow, that sounds exactly like one of the specialists I used to see in San Francisco.

    Which is four hours away.

    THREE DIFFERENT TIMES, I called the day before to doublecheck that my appointment was on and not moved. All three times, I arrived at the office to find that I had been preemptively canceled or moved.

    Even though the staff knew I had to get up at an ungodly hour and drive for four hours to make, say, a 9:00 appointment.

    It’s really frustrating how some doctor’s offices almost seem designed to be hostile to patients.

  17. Aw, thanks meloukhia. I think I’m probably blushing a little. It was basically something I wrote in about ten minutes while I was all rage-y over something on another site–I seem to write my best posts when I’m rage-y. Not sure if that’s good or bad. xD

    And eek, the doctor’s office horror stories are making me very glad I go to the student health centre only a mile away, even if I do have to either walk there or take the bus (which are both exhausting for different reasons) because at least if they screw with my appointment time, it’s not a whole day gone. ­čÖü
    .-= calixti┬┤s last blog ..Fat, health, invisible disability, and the intersection thereof. =-.

  18. I accidentally made my child cry today. Big, fat tears and sniffles. She wanted to have a friend over, and they had made little 7 yr old plans for the afternoon, but I have had a really rough couple of days and just couldn’t bear to have any more noises. Instead of her customary brief episode of stomping and sulking, she cried. Broke my damn heart. But about 30 minutes later, she came a hugged me and said “I don’t care that you can’t always do what other moms do. I think you’re perfect.” Oh. My. God. Yeah, my little heart nearly burst.

    I read Audrey Niffenegger’s Her Fearful Symmetry this week. I have not read The Time-Traveler’s Wife, because I am dreadful snob and it was entirely too popular for me to have liked it. If it’s even half as good as Her Fearful Symmetry, I think I’ll eat my snobby words. I mentioned this on another thread, but there is a character in the book with OCD. Having never dealt with that myself, I wonder how well the author dealt with the topic.

    The marmoset is so cute it hurts. And my child squealed when she saw it, and that *did* hurt.

  19. Sure ‘ting! We just like to handcode images in comments to make sure that they won’t break the theme (if they are too big, etc), but as a general rule, any HTML should go through fine. Some commenters use BBCode out of habit, and we just convert that to HTML for them. As for smileys (ah, subject of much personal loathing), WordPress is pretty savvy with its conversion to graphical smilies.

  20. just wanted to echo this re editing comments: “-but- you can always ask one of us if itÔÇÖs possible for us to edit a comment you have posted to fix/add something. (For example if you realize that you left a bad link, or you structured a sentence wrong, or what have you, just put a comment through requesting an edit and weÔÇÖll fix it.)”

    always happy to do that, especially as i never notice typos etc until i post so always have to re-edit my own stuff.

    so nice to come home to a friendly group chatting here! yay commenter community!

  21. Sometimes I think there are typo gremlins inside the server. I will look a comment over before posting it and it’s fine, and as soon as it goes through, I go “ACK! I know I spelled that word right 10 seconds ago!”

  22. Yay for animals and food! Im also with meloukhia on calixti’s awesome fat and invisible disability post.

    I don’t even want to think about doctors and doctors appointments right now. Why is it that those of us with the least physical resources to handle the medical industry have to deal with it the most?

    I’m waiting for painkillers to kick in because I was able to go for a beautiful winter walk tonight (the air smelled like wood smoke!) but now everything hurts…
    .-= KatieT┬┤s last blog ..Just Saying =-.

  23. Oh, KatieT, crisp nights are so cool, no pun intended.

    Last year, I remember a short little walk to the dumpster and – far away of course! – just stopping and breathing in and thinking, it’s baseball time. I live by a diamond and the one thing I miss is hearing the crack of the bat on a nice fall evening. I mean, they play in summer, but this is Memphis. Sitting outside and sweating buckets at midnight so mosquito vampires can have their supper is no fun.
    .-= Kaitlyn┬┤s last blog ..It’s so nice when one pic sums up your day =-.

  24. I’m starting to think that I had a momentary lapse of judgement in the amount of hours I’m agreeing to for overtime. Yes, I need the money to make it until husbands next semester student aide money but I’m already exhausted from a normal work week, how is 15+ extra hours, crappy nutrition and incredible stress at work going to work out?

    And since I can’t count on my husband to pick up the slack, everything else is just going to fall behind until Thanksgiving.

    On the positive: I get to spend the weekend not doing anything except accompanying the family to church functions. Not a preferred activity, but at least it’s family.
    .-= nuri┬┤s last blog ..Rukus says Feminist like it’s some sort of dirty word =-.

  25. Anyone watch this week’s episode of Private Practice? Several disability related stories going on and I was right away thinking I’d like to hear other’s perspectives over here after watching it.

    Leelee, so glad your daughter came around so quickly and understands. ­čÖé

    Kaz – yay for all of your happy news!

    And since we’re sharing cat pics, here is mine:
    Hope that worked??
    .-= Rosemary┬┤s last blog ..Transphobia is Wrong =-.

  26. rosemary – sorry the cat pic didn’t work! i want to see! try again and just paste the URL for the photo or the page where it’s at and we can admin magic it into existence.

    here is my cat, in her new box of happiness:
    Siamese cat sitting obliviously inside large cardboard box

  27. The first orthopedist I tried seeing here in Germany… oy. The second appointment (to discuss the MRI results), we got there early for a 9 a.m. appointment, and at 11:30 discovered that not only were they letting in walk-in appointments ahead of me, they were *making new appointments before me*. At this point, we walked out because my husband only had a half-day off from work. (this was less than a year after I moved here, and I needed my husband to help translate. Especially since this doctor refused to talk to me in either English OR German after I asked (in German) if we could use English.) Meanwhile, this orthopedist’s waiting-room chairs were hell on my two just-slipped discs.

  28. @Rosemary:

    I was just coming here to see if there was anything about Private Practice. Basically, for those who haven’t watched, there’s a new doctor at Naomi’s practice, Dr. Fife, a genetic engineer who uses a wheelchair who pressures Naomi into agreeing to select for an embryo for two patients with dwarfism to allow them to created a baby who also has dwarfism. Naomi is reluctant but agrees until she learns that these embryos will also give the future baby a 40% chance of developing some kind of cancer.

    The couple is upset and accuses Naomi of prejudice and she reveals that she was fat growing up, so she knows all about prejudice. She slams PC attempts to clean up language as unrealistic, and concludes that everyone has experience with prejudice. The couple agrees to have a tall baby.

    Naomi also yells at the geneticist, who congratulates her for getting over her inhibitions about the wheelchair, and says he feels better knowing she used to be hugely fat.

    Sooo… obviously this was problematic in a number of ways. Firstly, I don’t know if this is realistic controversy for people with dwarfism, but it reminded me of the controversies for Deaf parents who don’t want their kids to get cochlear implants (as seen on Scrubs). TV morals seem to come down on the side that you should make your child as “normal” as possible, but I think that’s far from clear.

    Naomi’s treatment of her co-worker (Michael Thornton, who apparently is actually a real wheelchair user, one in the plus column) was pretty uncomfortable to watch, and I’m probably being naive to hope that a doctor would have a more natural attitude toward people with disabilities.

    And Naomi’s speech about PC language was really problematic, especially since so much of the episode she was “ironically” ranting about how Dr. Fife was a “little, little man” which was, I think, intended to indicate that any slight was obviously unintentional, but which really just highlighted the awkwardness.
    .-= Gnatalby┬┤s last blog ..Jenny Juggs =-.

  29. I agree with everyone who’s happy it’s winter, I know winter is hell for a lot of PWD so I feel kind of guilty saying that I feel much better in winter, have less pain and am less tired whereas in the summer I feel really awful and really can only do half as much as I can in winter, not sure why, but I also feel much more down in the summer, is there a kind of seasonal affective disorder that affects people in the summer rather than winter? I’d love to know in case there are coping strategies to make the summer season less miserable, kind of like light boxes for people with winter SAD? Anyway, I’m just enjoying the winter at the moment so no need to worry about summer yet!

  30. I gnash my teeth through Private Practice every week; that show’s presentation of disability, mothering, and pregnancy infuriates me.

  31. Ok, a good friend of mine made me cry a few hours ago.

    He is aspie and has a frightening level of internalised ableism at himself (but not at other PWD). He was beating himself up for sensory issues making him feel nauseous and I said to him “Stop blaming yourself because your brain is lovely and it make syou uyou and it makes you awesome” and I started crying, because I really love him (platonically) and I hate seeing him tear himself apart like that. Then he just got even more upset because I was crying.

    Thing is, he is amazingly supportive about MY disabilities. He just never gives HIMSELF a break. I don’t know how to help him be more self-accepting.
    .-= sanabituranima┬┤s last blog ..Look closer, part 4 ÔÇô Not being a thing means not being a symbol =-.

  32. Rainbow – I am with you 100%. I can’t stand the sun for more than half the year, but once the temperature drops to “freezing” (below 70 F), I love it. Which makes the fact that I am bed bound a pain in the er, sun? (Especially since I’m not by the dorm window and my roomie never opens the blinds… If I was at home, and we still had the trampoline, I’d totally lay down on it. No allergic reactions, no fuss, no muss!)

    The only good thing about summer is no school. I live by the AC. I moved here from Iceland (Navy) and even though it’s been too many years, I still haven’t adjusted. I hate the heat. (I also can’t stand *heaters* most of the time, the smell, the taste, I feel like I’m choking.) One summer, I was on Lupron, which created artificial menopause, complete with hot flashes! And what did we do that summer? Visit my aunt in her old rickety farm house. The rooms upstairs are awesome in so many ways, but the coolest room is the master bedroom downstairs. There were floor vents upstairs, and I actually slept on one for a whole night.

    I also used to wear pain patches – when we figured them out, they took away the pain enough for me to start school. I needed to be pain free to get my foot in. Now I’m stuck in a whirlwind of papers and lectures and no measly pain will pull me out! But before we got the patches figured out (right brand, right size, right dosage) the heat made them useless. I got them so I could do things I loved, like ride my bike or walk the dog (or check the mail). But the humidity and sweat made them peel off so fast. Even after we got it figured out, my skin still got irritated underneath, requiring constant rotation.

    I don’t *do* heat, which is why I’ve been wearing shorts all month. Yeah, the walk is cold, but at least I don’t completely melt during class. Plus I have a nifty little fan I carry with me. People are actually jealous at times! (One time, during the fall semester, I was in one building and everyone was miserable from the heat. The air was thick and stale. The professor asked me if my fan helped. Sadly, all it did was blow hot hair in my face.) It’s bigger than the hand held fans we used in high school when the AC went blorp, I found it in the camping section for ten dollars.

    So yes, bring on the snow! I will be completely selfish – I rarely have mobility issues that require a steady ground – and celebrate the 1/10ths of an inch we get while mumbling about how the school should close.
    .-= Kaitlyn┬┤s last blog ..It’s so nice when one pic sums up your day =-.

  33. Trying for the cat picture again. It’s on my photobucket and I copy and pasted what they gave for the html code before. I’ll try taking the code part out this time, is that right?

    tortoiseshell cat with white nose and ruff looks over her shoulder at the camera

    Private Practice spoiler warnings ahead:

    Gnatalby – I agree with a lot of what you’re saying about Private Practice.

    In some ways, though, I thought it was cool that Dr. Fife was portrayed as smug and arrogant since, you know, we disabled folk can be that as much as tabs can be at times. And also that Naomi was able to tell him off eventually. I was actually cringing more when she was doing the whole “oh, he’s such a jerk but I can’t say that to his face because he’s in a wheelchair and I have to be nice to people in wheelchairs!” So, when she finally was clear with him about her dislike for him, I liked it, and I liked that he liked it. Hmmm, like, he seems like an interesting character who is going to have friction with Naomi and instead of him just being a “good cripple” or a “cranky cripple” he’s going to maybe end up being a fleshed out character? Or maybe I’m just setting my hopes too high…

    But yea, all the “little” talk was super uncomfortable. Especially when the other doctors were joking about it. Really? We have to go there? And calling someone in a wheelchair “little” is uncomfortable for some obvious reasons, too. (And although I like how he changed from the seated to the standing position in the chair while making a point sometimes, it also was clearly getting into height issues, which I found odd given the dwarf storyline going on at the same time. Like, oh look how I can make myself taller to give me power over you. Which … kinda ugh.)

    And while, yea, the whole “I was fat as a child” thing could have been a form of “I experienced prejudice too so I totally get it”, I do note that Naomi made a point to say that she wasn’t trying to say it was the same thing. Just that she could relate a little bit. Still annoying, but yea.

    I also found the depression/ect storyline interesting and the handling of a client that depressed. I thought the whole faked-memory-loss bit diminishes the fact that electro-shock therapy can cause real memory loss for people, though.

    For me, it felt like a mixed bag on disability issues, really.
    .-= Rosemary┬┤s last blog ..2009 Fall TV =-.

  34. Hi y’all–if you want to post pictures in the open threads, PLEASE do not use HTML to encode them. It will be stripped out. Just drop a link to where the picture is located (as in, the website/web page) and an admin will make it appear. Thanks!

  35. Which is not to say (replying to myself) that people shouldn’t post pictures! We like pictures! Especially of cute fuzzy animals. But it makes our lives easier to put ’em in ourselves. (I know, I know, it sounds weird.) All other HTML (links, text styling, etc) is A-OK, though!

  36. i should note that i think rosemary did it wright in her comment and then i jacked it up trying to do admin magic. and did admin anti-magic. or muggle-ing. or whatever it’s called.

  37. It might be helpful to have a section in the Comments Policy or a specific FAQ explaining stuff like this and showing examples of the right way to do it? I know you all are probably working on all kinds of things, so maybe this is in the plans already, but I figured I’d throw it out there! ­čÖé
    .-= Rosemary┬┤s last blog ..2009 Fall TV =-.

  38. Re: weather –

    I live in Scotland, and not the fun part of Scotland when it comes to weather (I used to live in Edinburgh, and the weather would do things like go from clear blue skies to pouring rain to clear blue skies twice in two hours. Also, one time it rained pellets of snow). ­čÖü So far, winter has meant rain, rain, cold (although it doesn’t get cold enough for the rain to become snow), more rain, and the days getting miserably short – I always wonder what the “don’t go out after dark, wimmenz!” people would say if they lived in a place where it got dark around four in the afternoon. Oh, wait, what am I thinking, this would require admitting that women had, like, their own lives and things to do and independent thoughts and things. *rolls eyes*

    I don’t have any mobility issues, but this post has made me think about it – all the rain leads to lakes forming on the pavement, and I often have to get around them somehow by going via a parking lot or the street. Also, the ground is often liberally covered in wet, rotting leaves which makes walking something of an exercise in caution. I imagine these could both be problems for people in wheelchairs or with other mobility issues.
    .-= Kaz┬┤s last blog ..You are now looking at an Officially Official Aspie (TM) =-.

  39. OH YEAH and question regarding images: when we drop a link in the comment, should we link the .jpg file directly or the page where you get various options for the picture (leave a comment, copy HTML code, etc.)? And if the latter, for Photobucket is it possible for someone to go and look at other pictures in my album from there? Because I have some RL stuff on there that I’d prefer people not see.
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  40. You can either drop a link to the .jpg, or to the page where the image is found. An admin will grab the .jpg off the page (we will not link to the page where the image is located and we won’t poke around either). Be aware that if you give us a .jpg and it’s a bad link or the image is so big that it breaks the theme, we don’t be able to edit it into your post.

  41. Tiny marmoset of win. <3

    Wanted to say thanks for the work y'all do on this blog. I'm a Gender and Women's Studies major and we do a lot more work on intersectionality these days than in the past, which is great, but I often feel like there's a bit of a hierarchy of intersectionality, if you will. Race/class/gender are the Big Three, usually but not always followed by sexual orientation, national origin, and gender identity. Ability has rarely been part of the picture that I've seen in my classes, which I'm noticing more and more as I do more exploration on my own time. While having some experience with ablism, both given and received, I nonetheless am far from awesome at seeing it and calling it out in many places, including myself–but I'm getting better. Onward!
    .-= DDog┬┤s last blog ..DDog: I miss Madison. I haven’t been back in eight or nine years now, even when my parents happened to live in Milwaukee for a year. =-.

  42. Ignore meloukhia, she’s lying. The only cute fuzzy animal pictures we like are of PONIES, and I have noticed the distinct lack of PONY PICTURES in this thread.

    I’ve read quite a few things on Private Practice this week. Does anyone have a blog post up about it that I can look at/link to? (Not that I can’t link to comment discussions, but I like linking to people’s blogs.)

    If you’re worried about leaving a link here, email me:

  43. Sorry, Anna.

    Will Icelandic Horses do?

    A group of Icelandic Horses eating hay outdoors in the winter; a white horse in front looking at the camera, a chestnut to the right, and a bay in the background.

    ETA: I have no idea why the alt text is not displaying and I am disinclined to figure it out right now, so, image description: A group of Icelandic Horses eating hay outdoors in the winter; a white horse in front looking at the camera, a chestnut to the right, and a bay in the background.


    Ugh, seriously, it is driving me up the wall. I’ve only been able to survive because now I live with my husband instead of depending on the internet to allow me to communicate with him at all. Being without the ‘net back in California wasn’t just annoying, it sent me into a downward spiral. But now we can sit and watch TV together or play Guitar Hero, at least. I just miss my internet friends. ­čÖü

  45. Abby Jean – my kitty thinks that my child’s My Little Ponies are prey. He grabs them by the hair and smacks them around, eventually throwing them down the stairs. It’s both twisted and hilarious. Same happens to Barbies.

  46. @abby jean That photo is adorable!

    My big win for the weekend was asking the writer of a blog article to remove the r word because it’s offensive, AND HE DID!

    Thats the first time I’ve ever spoken up about the use of the word online and it worked. I feel so powerful right now. ­čśÇ

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