3 responses to “Recommended reading for May 11, 2010”

  1. Freya

    I have this huge urge now to do femme!Capt.Jack

    Mind you, I have sartorial lust for the coat he wears anyway, but they don’t come small enough off the rack (that I have found yet) and it’s not really cold enough here to make the wearing of such a coat a practical idea.

    I know where I can get some light wool fabric instead of the heavy that that coat uses… And am now trying to get my brain to shut up with the ideas for making such a coat (with a little more tailoring so it fits me), which would have to wait until I have finished the massive pile of mending sitting next to my sewing machine 😛

  2. Ang

    I really appreciate the link to that article about how feminism privileges ‘independence’ to the point of being exclusionary to PWDs, and denying human interdependence. It’s something which has bugged me before but which I’ve found myself unable to articulate.

  3. Courtney S.

    Do you have thrift stores near you? Or you could get a coat too big and get it tailored (or tailor it yourself).

    Cosplay often displays itself as irrational urges. Give in! That’s my advice. I’m going to Gally this year as a steampunk TARDIS because, and I quote (myself), “If I could be the TARDIS and have a bustle, I would be the happiest lady in the world.”