8 responses to “BADD: How can I support Blogging Against Disablism Day?”

  1. Jesse the K

    What a helpful and enabling post, Anna! Many years i’ve felt less-than for not participating, and you’ve reframed that!

  2. NTE

    I heartily agree – last year it took me about a month to make it through all the posts (I was not well enough to spend a lot of time on the computer), but it was so worth it. And ‘just’ leaving a “Thanks” is incredibly valuable, I promise!

  3. Rosemary

    Thanks for this. I’m going around today trying to read and comment to as many posts as I can, and it helps to know that people *want* those comments because sometimes I get to feeling all “well what have *I* got to contribute anyway?!” Today, I’m trying to contribute to the full extent of my ability.

  4. Wheelchairdancer

    I love the idea of the “beginning of a day.”

    It is so true that many people with disabilities are not to be able to post exactly within the confines of a 24 hour limit. Access and the facts disabled life aside, I lov as a principle, the idea of the day extending across what, in the conventional chronological terms we would call “a couple of days” or “perhaps a week.” it always saddens me that once the “day” of a particular awareness event passes, the awareness, too, seems to pass. If the day can stretch into a week, perhaps then, too, awareness can stretch beyond the usual limits of a mere 24 hours.


  5. CapriUni

    Funny how I can go to bed with one Idea for a B.A.D.D. post, wake up with another, and revise it three times in the course of writing it, on the day itself.

    Now I’m off to read what others have written.

  6. lilacsigil

    Thanks for this. I’m in the middle of na arthritis flare-up which is making typing a problem and I was feeling bad about BADD!

  7. Kowalski

    Heh, yes on last year’s BADD, I posted a day late because my apartment got flooded. Yay executive dysfunction!

    What you said about commenting is so true, now that I’m closing a blog for the second time, I noticed again how many awesome readers delurk to show their support (sadly, when it’s too late).
    .-= Kowalski┬┤s last blog ..Blogging Against Disablism: An Obituary =-.

  8. seahorse

    Thought-provoking words, with some good ideas on how to go on and challenge disablism in everyday life.