Question Time: Disability Activists

Question Time is a series in which we open up the floor to you, commenters. We invite you to share as you feel comfortable.

Are there any disability rights activists of whose work you are a particular fan? They can be prominent or someone you know if your personal life, anyone whose activism you admire.

8 thoughts on “Question Time: Disability Activists

  1. Everyone at FWD, really, but I am especially constantly impressed by Anna’s level of determination in trying to make her university be more accessible!

  2. Ditto, what Shiyiya said.

    We (the Ampersand Society) also have a collective crush on Clair Lewis.

    Steven Drake (of Not Dead Yet)
    Dave Hingsburger (Rolling Around In My Head)
    (I don’t want to include too many links or else I might get caught in the spam trap, and they’re all in FWD’s blogroll anyways.)

    I also like Simon Stevens and Joe Stramondo.
    I guess I like the really angry and radical crips the most. 😛
    .-= Kowalski´s last blog ..Phoenix vs The Internet =-.

  3. cripchick and lauredhel are by far the two most influential for me personally…

    The local independent living agency and the local antipoverty agencies which do a lot of amazing work on the ground level in my community, they are a set of amazing people.
    .-= amandaw´s last blog ..It’s official! =-.

  4. Thanks sasha, I’m blushing.

    I look back to the folks who encouraged me:
    Cal Montgomery, who decoded the disability studies stuff I couldn’t follow, made me laugh, and taught me that there is dignity in “behavior management,” as well as potential for abuse
    Caryn Navy, who was infinitely patient with my AB privilege and remade a corner of the world at Raised Dot Computing
    Catherine Odette, who published Dykes Disabilities & Stuff, founded Able Lives Theater, and gave me permission to take as long as it takes
    Chris Kingslow, who taught me that mental illness isn’t the end of the world
    Fayth Kail, who cranked open many minds as she served as an Assembly page in the state legislature while also campaigning for abortion rights, reminding me older advocates still contribute
    Mike O’Connor, who held my hand while I took my first steps into the public square

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