3 responses to “Recommended Reading for December 1”

  1. Dorian

    Thank you for linking that last post in particular. I’ve been suspecting more and more that I’m a PWD (and am in counselling largely to explore that possibility), but part of me keeps trying to shut myself down when thinking about disability issues, because I haven’t been diagnosed with anything.

    Of course, I haven’t had the opportunity to be diagnosed with anything, which makes that entire line of thought rather silly.

  2. nuri

    When I was working as a Special Education TA (In this case, a high school severe and profund-labeled area) I was cooed at because of #1. “Oh, that’s just so sweet. Aren’t those kids wonderful.” happened all the time. Telling people that, no, they were just kids. Sometimes nice, sometimes assholes, some who wored hard, some who didn’t — burst their bubbles all the time.

    I liked bursting bubbles

  3. The White Lady

    @nuri – I think I would have liked bursting their bubbles too…