Friendly Reminder! 9 days to Disability Carnival!

Just a friendly reminder that it’s 9 days until we host the Disability Carnival here at FWD/Forward, so it’s 7 days until your links are due! Email them in to Our optional theme is Intersectionality.

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  1. I sent an email with a submission about a week ago – should we expect confirmations that the submissions have been received? [Not necessarily accepted, just received.]

  2. I haven’t received anything – do you want to try sending it to my personal account?

  3. I was thinking of writing up something on adoption and disability. Would that be an okay topic?
    .-= thetroubleis´s last blog ..What It Is To Be A Monster =-.

  4. FYI all, the problem with the carnival at disabledfeminists dot com address has been resolved. SOMEONE who will remain NAMELESS (*looks sheepish*) configured it wrong. Now it is configured properly (and yes, all of the emails sent have been rescued from purgatory). Apologies, and thanks for bringing this up!

  5. That would be a great topic, thetroubleis. Thank you!

  6. Okay, I’ll get to working on it then. I’m probably going to bring up race as well, because race is pretty big deal in adoption land as well.
    .-= thetroubleis´s last blog ..What It Is To Be A Monster =-.

  7. Arrgh redundancy.
    .-= thetroubleis´s last blog ..What It Is To Be A Monster =-.

  8. Nothing wrong with a little redundancy now and then. Keeps people on their toes.

  9. I was going to write about ownership and what that means for someone who is disabled. Yay, now I have more motivation to write! Awesome 🙂

  10. I have a half written post for the carnival but have been unwell the last few days. If I promise to submit it tomorrow (Australian time) can I still be part of the fun?

  11. Bri, that’s fine. 🙂