Friendly Reminder! 9 days to Disability Carnival!

Just a friendly reminder that it’s 9 days until we host the Disability Carnival here at FWD/Forward, so it’s 7 days until your links are due! Email them in to Our optional theme is Intersectionality.

11 thoughts on “Friendly Reminder! 9 days to Disability Carnival!

  1. I sent an email with a submission about a week ago – should we expect confirmations that the submissions have been received? [Not necessarily accepted, just received.]

  2. FYI all, the problem with the carnival at disabledfeminists dot com address has been resolved. SOMEONE who will remain NAMELESS (*looks sheepish*) configured it wrong. Now it is configured properly (and yes, all of the emails sent have been rescued from purgatory). Apologies, and thanks for bringing this up!

  3. I was going to write about ownership and what that means for someone who is disabled. Yay, now I have more motivation to write! Awesome 🙂

  4. I have a half written post for the carnival but have been unwell the last few days. If I promise to submit it tomorrow (Australian time) can I still be part of the fun?

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