New Blog: You Make Me Feel Less Alone

Samantha Schultz is the author of I Don’t Want to be Crazy, a free verse recounting of her struggles with her anxiety disorder. I haven’t personally read the book, but several of my friends speak highly of it and the Amazon reader reviews seem quite positive. (Although I would skip the School Library Report review, which commends Schultz for having “had the courage and wisdom to seek professional help.”)

After publishing the book, Schultz received a number of letters and emails and found that the most common sentiment was that the book had made people feel less alone in navigating their own mental illnesses. As she says, “I am honored to be your audience of one, but your story—like mine—has the power to help others.” In order to facilitate the sharing of stories and experiences from people who have a mental illness, she’s created a new blog, You Make Me Feel Less Alone,  for people to submit their stories and poems, which she will then post. There’s an option to have your submission posted anonymously as well.

As Schultz says on her blog, and as we clearly believe also, “Your words are powerful. Your words can help people.”


  1. As a young feminist with Panic Disorder, this makes me feel, well, “less alone!” Thank you to FWD/Forward and Samantha Schultz, because having access to resources like these from my own computer is incredibly encouraging. For years, I really had no way to deal with (or even understand) my mental condition. I just drifted between being confused, being scared, and feeling alone. Thanks to people like you, I know that I’m not alone. Samantha Schultz’s idea is a great one, and I hope it inspires many more young feminists who struggle with anxiety disorders like I do. Words really can help people… thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I plan to start putting up some of the stories asap. I hope readers of this site will consider contributing, too.

    Be well,
    Sam (

  3. This is a great idea. I see there’s only a few posts up now but I look forward to reading what goes up next!

  4. There are more than 20 posts on the site now! Check them out…

    Your words are powerful. Your words can help people. Share them.