5 responses to “Happy Post! Things That Make My Life … Er … Easier?”

  1. TamerTerra

    Awww! I remember when our cat used to play this game. The new kittens never seemed to have discovered it, though…

  2. Personal Failure

    I would love to get one of those for my husband who loves to cook, but has MS (same problem with standing that you have). Could you give me a product name or description that would help me find one for him for xmas? Thanks!

  3. Personal Failure

    Silly me. “Thick, squishy floor mat” instantly gives you “anti fatigue floor mat”, which looks exactly like what you pictured and described. Somebody’s getting a surprise present this year!

  4. Ruchama

    Personal Failure, I looked into a bunch of different types of mats for that, including the kind that they use in professional kitchens, and ultimately decided that the best option for me, in terms of cost and looks and size, was those interlocking foam squares that are sold as play mats for babies. There are a bunch available that are pretty thick, and you can cover the whole floor rather than just one standing place, and I liked the way they looked much better. (When I was looking, pretty much all of the reasonably-priced mats specifically made for kitchens had pictures of either roosters or chili peppers on them, and none of them were anything I’d want to look at every day. I found interlocking squares in shades of pink and brown that I liked much better.)