5 responses to “Happy Veteran’s Day! You Don’t Exist!”

  1. The Untoward Lady

    What really stood out in my mind is the fact that the message asked you, who if I remember correctly are a veteran, to change your picture to a picture of a… veteran.

  2. Dani Alexis

    It doesn’t have to be a picture of your husband!

    I got stuck on this too, though not because I myself am a veteran. However, one of my cousins is a veteran, is unmarried, and has three kids. She was the first among my Facebook friends to change her profile picture for Veterans’ Day (to one of herself on patrol in Iraq) and the first to encourage her own servicemember friends to change their pics.

    Also, if I needed a picture of a veteran for any reason, she would be the first person I would ask, since she is the first person I think of when asked if I know any veterans. I respect her in so many ways, and it hurts to think that in so many ways she (and you, and all women who serve) is treated like she doesn’t exist.

  3. sanabituranima

    What a slap in the face for you, and every other lady veteran.

    I don’t know any veterans myself, so I don’t knwo what the situation in the UK is, but I would be surprised and delighted if it’s any better.

  4. The Nerd

    I feel you. “Oh, is that your boyfriend’s uniform?” Sigh…

  5. Michelle

    I was Army for seven years. I have this memory that stands out in my mind: I was wearing my PT jacket one day with my civies (it’s allowed), and someone asked me, with a this patronizing smile, if I was wearing my boyfriend’s jacket. Believe me, I corrected her, but it was a slap in the face.

    You’re right – we don’t exist. No matter how well we do our jobs, no matter where we served, or what rank we achieved… we’re just the “little ladies.” It burns me.