• Recommended Reading for October 28
    Recommended Reading for October 28, 2009
  • Why I Identify As Disabled
    For a long time, I’ve struggled with whether or not to identify as ‘disabled’ (or as a ‘person with a disability.’) It’s only very recently that I’ve identified myself that way in my own thoughts, and even more recently that I’ve begun identifying that way publicly. (As in, my name listed as a contributor to ...
  • Guest Post: Why I Say I’m Okay
    It is a philosophical statement. Fundamentally, I am OK. I am privileged to have a comparatively easy life, with an understanding partner, a beautiful shining child, and the resources to do most of the things I need to do to be OK in the long run.
  • Recommended Reading for October 27
    I’m writing this four days before you’ll see it. (I write most of my posts from the past, due to my schedule.) I mention this so people know that I’m not ignoring recent posts, I’m just not seeing them yet. Disability & Desire: The Dance of the Heart – This is a pointer link. ...
  • Scooterblogging: I’m Right Here
    (This was originally posted at Hoyden About Town on July 29, 2009, and has been edited for FWD) I got a scooter just a few months ago. It’s red, and shiny, and its name is Smaug. It’s made my life vastly better. No longer do I struggle to walk the block to school pickup, and ...
  • Disability Blog Carnival 59 is up!
    The fabulous and amazing Liz Henry has up a variety of awesome posts for the 59th Disability Blog Carnival! The theme for the Disability Blog Carnival #59 is Work and Disability. It’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Thank you to Penny from the Disability Studies Blog for co-ordinating the Disability Blog Carnival through 60 issues! Thank you ...
  • Recommended Reading for October 26
    Recommended Reading for October 23.
  • Umbrella Terms
    My pet peeve: Labeling “othered” groups as though everyone who falls under that umbrella term has the same needs to achieve full inclusion in society.
  • Focusing on College Students’ Mental Health (For the Benefit of the Neurotypical)
    I live in Los Angeles and the local papers have been abuzz about the recent stabbing of a UCLA student by another student during science lab. Apparently a professor reported concerns about the alleged attacker’s mental health about 10 months ago. And so, according to the LA Times: The recent arrest of a UCLA student in ...
  • Disability and Sexuality 101, or, Do disabled people have sex?
    Of course! That is, some of us do, but there’s nothing about disability that means we don’t ever have sex. As with any other group in society, some of us are sexual and some of us are asexual. Some of us are celibate, some of us are in steady sexual relationships, some of us like ...