• Cast in Bronze
    Yeah, I know that this guy’s uniform is jacked up. I know you can’t wear your collar standing up like that no matter how cold it is, and that your pockets are decorative only. Were I doing an inspection, The Lone Sailor here would probably not pass. He would be called to ...
  • Recommended Reading for November 11
    Recommended Reading for November 11, 2009
  • Guest Post: Davros, Daleks, and Disability
    I realized, when I read this, that I was (partially) incorrect in my original analysis, last June. What’s really promblematic about Davros is not (so much) that his “spiritual disfunction manifests as physical disfunction,” but that he diliberately creates the Daleks to be more disabled than he is. He deliberately erases their capability for empathy ...
  • Recommended Reading for November 10
    Recommended Reading for November 10, 2009
  • Disability Activsm: Reading Rights
    Reading Rights is a US-based advocacy group that is campaigning to have equal access to electric book formats through text-to-speech on the Amazon Kindle. Their campaign is based around the American Author’s Guild demand that people must either prove their disability to the satisfaction of the Guild (and thus give private information over to ...
  • Friendly Reminder! 9 days to Disability Carnival!
    Just a friendly reminder that it’s 9 days until we host the Disability Carnival here at FWD/Forward, so it’s 7 days until your links are due! Email them in to Our optional theme is Intersectionality.
  • Quoted: Barbara Smith
    “Feminism is the political theory and practice that struggles to free all women: women of color, working-class women, poor women, disabled women, Jewish women, lesbians, old women–as well as white, economically privileged heterosexual women. Anything less than this vision of total freedom is not feminism, but merely female self-aggrandizement.” –Barbara Smith, “Racism and Women’s Studies,” 1979 ...
  • Recommended Reading for November 9
    Recommended reading for November 9, 2009
  • Guest Ableist Word Profile: Crutch
    There are underlying messages within this attitude that one should rely upon the self and not be using outside help or tools to deal with problems. All of this is ableist, and falls in line with similar prejudices against medications. If you cannot support yourself, well then, there must be something morally wrong ...
  • Appealing the Indecision
    Moderatix note: This post will be United States Military centric, as that is the perspective I offer, and the broken system within which I currently exist and attempt to navigate.  Other voices are welcome and experiences appreciated within the context of the conversation, since I can not pretend to know every thing about every military ...