QuickPress: Con_or_Bust!

I should have mentioned earlier!

For the second year in a row, the Con_or_Bust fundraiser is running. Organized by Kate Nepveu, it’s a fundraiser to help fen of colour make it to WisCon, the world’s largest Feminist Science Fiction/Fantasy Convention.

Learn more about the fundraising auction.

How fen of colour can request assistance.

The auction itself.

Bidding is in U.S. dollars unless otherwise specified, and there is some awesome stuff up for grabs.

WisCon is noted for having a very good accessibility policy.

(Other than having attended WisCon last year, and having a few bids for things, I have no affiliation with Con Or Bust. You’re best to ask any questions or make any comments to Kate.)

One thought on “QuickPress: Con_or_Bust!

  1. Last year was my first Con, and I can attest to the fact that WisCon is very good at access and very disability friendly in atmosphere, to boot!

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