Recommended Reading for February 10th

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black and white photo of wheelchair users squaredancing, and a caller. There is movement blurring.

Edmonton Journal: Rockin’ rollers spin the night away: Swinging Spokes troupe puts fancy wheelwork into their square dancing

When Al Deby calls for “fancy footwork” from the Swinging Spokes, he expects both fast feet and snappy steering.

Half of the square dance troupe get around in wheelchairs and nimble rolling is essential. That and quick wits, to help navigate a setup that’s more rhombus than square. […]

But the Swinging Spokes are old pros at this. Modelled after Vancouver’s Wheeling Eights and run through the Paralympic Sports Association, the group has been dancing since 1976 and have travelled cross-country to boogie at jamborees, nursing homes, shopping malls, and every Canadian National Square and Round Dance convention, held biennially.

CaitieCat at Shakesville: Russian Debate About Rights of the Disabled

(Trigger warning: this post discusses a progressive response to a violent ‘solution’ to the problem of people with disabilities, as well as some language which will be very offensive to people with disabilities) […]

One of my Russian friends posted a link today to a post on Livejournal – which has always had a thriving Russian-speaking community, where it’s called “zheh-zheh”, analogous to our “el-jay” – about a journalist on a Moscow radio station who’d posed the question: “Do ‘defective’ children have the right to life?”

Afronline: Disabled rights group seek 20 seats in House

Representatives of disabled people have asked the Committee of Experts and the House to give them at least 20 seats in the next Parliament. This the number would comprise 15 seats in the National Assembly through mixed representation and five seats in the Senate. The group also wants at least one representative in all constitutional commissions.

Wales Online: Study to look at ways of protecting the vulnerable

A three-year research study has been launched in a bid to keep people with learning disabilities safe from abuse.

The project by the University of Glamorgan, New Pathways in Merthyr Tydfil and Rhondda Cynon Taff People First, has received more than £410,000 from the Big Lottery Fund.

The study will explore what people with learning disabilities understand by abuse, what help and support they need to keep themselves safe from abuse and, if someone has been abused, what are the best ways to provide support. It comes after people with learning disabilities have been identified as some of the most vulnerable in society. […]

An earlier work has found that people with learning disabilities are rarely consulted on policy and do not know what is available to protect them.

Brimbank Leader: Disabled doesn’t mean unable for Taylors Lakes woman

Ms [Elvira] Alic is heading Models of Diversity~Down Under, an extension of the UK-born campaign Models of Diversity founded by Angel Sinclair. […]

In January, Ms Alic, who has spinal muscular atrophy type 2, auditioned for Australia’s Next Top Model with fellow campaigner Jodie De Ruvo. While she said they received the recognition they were after from the judges, there were no ramps available to get on stage.

“That itself shows people will assume people with disabilities won’t go to auditions,” Ms Alic said. “You should be able to go there and hold your head up high.”

The Australian: Disabled in remote areas abandoned

The disabled are left to fend for themselves in remote Aboriginal communities, and the Northern Territory’s worst mental health cases are confined to isolation cells in prison, a damning report that has been suppressed by the Labor government reveals.