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The Island That Heals: Lost, John Locke, and Disability

Note: This post contains discussion of Lost through season six, episode four, “The Substitute.” That means it is full of spoilers! You have been warned.

John Locke is one of the most central and interesting characters on ABC’s Lost. He is a character with whom I personally struggle as a viewer, especially as a disabled viewer with a critical eye to the depiction of disability on television. And, honestly? I don’t know quite how I feel about John Locke, and probably won’t until Lost concludes, but I’d like to take a gander at writing about him anyway, especially in light of this week’s Locke-centric episode.

And I should note that there is a huge body of myth and theory about John Locke. He’s a character who clearly grips viewers and is intended to. And I am well aware that there are probably some aspects of Locke Theory which would disagree with how I view his character, but I’d like to focus on how I perceive him as a viewer, rather than quickly becoming entangled in conflicting theories. Mainly because, I admit, I have not read a lot of the theory and I don’t want to try to delve into it now.

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