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Signal Boost: Employment Survey for People With Mobility Impairments

If you have a mobility impairment and limitation, you may be eligible to participate in a new research project. This research aims to understand how people with mobility impairments and limitations accomplish job tasks, how their environment affects their worksite participation, and what, if any, help they need to complete employment activities.

Eligibility requires that you:

  • Have a mobility impairment and limitation (difficulty moving legs and/or arms)
  • Be employed for at least 2 years at your current job
  • Work at least 20 hours per week regularly at your current job
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have access to a computer
  • Can read at or above the 6th grade level
  • Can enter responses into a web-based survey or direct another individual to enter your responses into a web-based survey

If eligibility is established, you will receive a code to log on to the survey site and complete the study. Qualified participants will be asked to complete the survey a second time in 4-6 weeks. All information will be kept confidential and no connection between you and your survey answers will be made. Participants will be reimbursed for their time and effort. The web-based assessment will take approximately one hour to complete.

Link to the survey is here, as always, FWD/Forward does not have any additional information about this survey, and you are encouraged to contact the organisers if you have questions or concerns.

Survey: The ECHO Project

The ECHO questionnaire has been carefully designed by a team of psychologists from the University of Bedfordshire with input from Network for Surviving Stalking. We want to find out about your experience of harassment – via the internet or your mobile phone – We also want you to tell us how this experience has affected your life. We know harassment/stalking can be a distressing experience not often understood by others. There is also very little research available on cyber harassment/stalking. Your responses will contribute to a greater awareness of the problem and ways of improving it.

We hope completing the questionnaire won’t cause you distress but as it relates to incidents you may have found upsetting, you may choose to fill it in at a time where you have a source of support available

The ECHO Survey

Note: Please take the trigger warning very seriously. Taking this survey has been very upsetting to people because of the subject matter.

Also, as with many surveys of this nature, it is gender-binary.

Autism & Internet Usage Survey

ETA: Several people have brought up concerns with this survey in the comments, including the AQ test that is at the end. You may want to check the concerns in the comments before deciding if you want to take the survey.

I am an active autistic self-advocate and autism researcher (PhD student, educational psychology). I was wondering if you could take or pass on an autism spectrum-related online research survey I helped to develop?

It received full ethical approval from the review board and contains
consents within it. I think it is sensitively written and it is open to feedback.

The survey is examining the relationship between the autism spectrum and Internet use, identity, and visual perception. Please note that scores are completely anonymous and it’s for any adult or child of at least 7 years in age.

We especially need people who are diagnosed on and/or self-identify as on the autism spectrum. Participants can get help in completing it if needed.

Here’s the link: Survey Monkey Website

It might take about 15 minutes.

Signal Boost: Online Dyspraxia and Higher Education Survey

A FWD reader writes:

I am a disabled woman and I’m doing a bit of research into the experiences of dyspraxia in higher education.  I would like to hear from anyone who has dyspraxia or any related condition (autistic spectrum conditions, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, Tourrette’s). I have made a short, confidential 10-question survey, with an option to give me an e-mail address to contact you for further questions.

Take the survey here.

Signal Boost: The Arc FINDS Survey 2010 (Open Until 1 November)

This informational survey is being conducted by The Arc, a national [US] disability organization whose mission is to promote and protect the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supports their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes.

The purpose of this survey is to capture the perceptions of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities of all ages,and their families, on issues concerning disability support needs across the life spectrum. Responses will be used to help inform disability organizations, services, policy, and public perceptions on issues related to disability supports that you or your family member has now, needs or is anticipated to need in the future. Your answers will remain completely anonymous and confidential. We will not connect your responses and answers to you personally; your identity will remain unknown to staff working on this project unless you choose to provide your name and contact information at the end of this survey.

There are no risks or costs associated with completing this survey.

Respondents needing personal assistance with filling out the survey may have their appointed personal assistant help complete the survey, but responses in the first section of the survey should be those of the respondent, not of the caregiver or personal assistant.

Your completion and submission of this survey indicates that you, or your parent or caregiver, are at least 18 and voluntarily consent to participating. Average time to complete this survey is 30 to 45 minutes.

Copies of this survey may be made available upon request in Spanish, large print and Braille.

Link to online survey.