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Quick Hit: Discussion and Writing Group for Women of Color Living with Disabilities in Seattle, US

Via a Facebook friend:

~~~Discussion and Writing Group for Women of Color Living with Disabilities ~~~

We are two women of color* living with disabling chronic illness. We want to connect with others women of color who are living with disabilities in the greater Seattle area to talk and write about our experiences.

Being women and being people of color are only two aspects of our complex identities and we are excited to discover the parallels and diversity of our experiences. We welcome women of color of any:

-sexual orientation or gender expression
-intellectual, mental or physical condition or illness that is disabling/significantly impacts your life
-race or mixed race/heritage, ethnicity, immigration status or nationality
-religion or spiritual practice or lack thereof

We hope to have our first meeting in June. If you are interested, contact us and introduce yourself. Also, let us know any needs you have regarding a meeting location. We’ll do our best to find a space accessible to everyone.

We can’t wait to meet you! Please forward to others you think might be interested.

Please contact us at: colorsofability@gmail.com

*Person of color is a term used in North America to describe a person whose identifies or is identified as non-white.