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Meet a Contributor: Lauredhel

So everyone can get to know our contributors a bit better, we’ve decided to run a series called “Meet a Contributor”. Each Contributor will be interviewed by the others in turn.

Hi everyone! I’m Lauredhel. I live in Australia, where I live with a partner, our son, a dog, and a varying number of aquatic critters. I was born and bred mostly right here in the southwest of the country, with a couple of stints in the USA as a child and as a young adult. I’ve racked up a fair bit of formal education in my time – a medical degree, a touch of research science, some Auslan classes, and another degree in linguistics and anthropology. I have several ‘minor’ congenital anomalies and one issue that has caused chronic pain, but didn’t consider myself disabled until I came down with what’s typically referred to as an “invisible” illness around five years ago. I have been unable to work since.

My bloggy interests lie in a few areas – disability and disability rights of course, feminism, bad science and bad science reporting (and sometimes a blessed bit of good science!), language, the broad church of reproductive justice, violence and freedom from violence, the patriarcho-medico-industrial complex, media representation and popular culture, and lots more.

I also blog at Hoyden About Town, a women’s group blog based in Australia, and at my Dreamwidth journal. On to the questions, below the cut.

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