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Signal Boost: United States: AHEAD 2011 Conference on Higher Education and Disability in July

The Conference and Program Committees and the AHEAD Staff are hard at work planning the AHEAD 2011 Conference to make sure attendees have an incredible time, get loads of new invaluable information and resources, meet new colleagues & friends (while reconnecting with “old” ones), and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

For purposes of budgeting and planning, the following details may be helpful.

The Conference registration costs will be the same as they have been since 2008. For AHEAD members, the full registration will be US $475.00

The optional, and tremendously valuable, preconference institutes (between ½ and 2 full days) will cost between US $95 and US $295 depending on session selections for AHEAD members; again retaining 2008 pricing.

While nearly all events associated with the Conference will be held at the Washington Convention Center, housing for Conference attendees will be at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel (across one side street from the Convention Center). AHEAD has negotiated deeply discounted room rates for both single and double occupancy at US $199.00 + tax.

The overall schedule for the Conference will be:

Monday, July 11th: Preconference Institutes
Tuesday, July 12th: Preconference Institutes (Daytime) Welcome Reception (Evening)
Wednesday, July 13th: Keynote, Concurrent Sessions, Posters, Exhibits, Reception
Thursday, July 14th: Concurrent Sessions, Posters, Exhibits
Friday, July 15th: Concurrent Sessions, Posters, Banquet
Saturday, July 16th: Concurrent Sessions, Closing Plenary (ends at Noon)

If you need to register way in advance in order to encumber funds well in advance, please download the Advance Registration Form and submit it to the AHEAD Office with payment at your convenience. If you need special financial arrangements, please contact AHEAD’s Associate Director, Oanh Huynh, directly.

As always, if AHEAD may be of any assistance in your planning – please feel welcome to contact the AHEAD office at (v/t) 704-947-7779.

We look forward to seeing you in Seattle for
AHEAD 2011: Sustainable Access through Partnership!

Tons more information at the AHEAD website!

Signal Boost: Canada: 2011 Women’s Worlds Conference in July

The 2011 Women’s Worlds Conference is taking place in Ottowa from 3-7 July, 2011. Here’s some information about the theme of the conference, which may be relevant to some of our readers!

Inclusions, exclusions, and seclusions: Living in a globalized world

The theme of Women’s Worlds 2011 is “Inclusions, exclusions, and seclusions: Living in a globalized world”. Why? Where globalization and women are concerned, provocative questions abound:

Does globalization include, exclude, and/or seclude women?

As global hierarchies realign, how are gender roles and identities evolving?

How are social identifications like power, privilege, citizenship, and nation affected?

Ours is an increasingly integrated world – one where boundaries are shifting under growing flows of capital, goods, power … and people. Who and where we are as individuals and communities becomes less clear within this contemporary, globalized context.

Around the world, women are grappling with changing political, cultural, economic, social, and environmental realities. And the effects of numerous crises – be they economic, ecological, or health-related – intensify obstacles to women’s equality.

Globalization has contributed to the destabilization and marginalization of women and communities. Yet certain consequences have yielded positive results for women. Globalization has meant enhanced communications and organizing – trans-national connectivity that must be deepened as women’s organizations and networks struggle to sustain themselves and maintain resilience in the face of forces that oppose women’s equality.

Women’s Worlds 2011 will be a place for the exploration of these complex matters through reflection, learning, and sharing a variety of ideas and experiences – especially those of women most deeply affected.

Information about attending the conference can be found here.

Signal Boost: 2010 TASH Conference in Colorado

The 35th Annual TASH Conference will be in Denver, Colorado – December 7- 11, 2010. The conference will focus on encouraging inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the workplace, at school and in the community. The conference will include several half-day workshops such as, “Supporting all Young Children within Inclusive Early Child Programs,” “Designing Individualized Behavior Support Strategies,” and “What Does the Future Hold? Making the Transition to Support Adulthood” plus a self-advocate forum and community living sessions and more than 150 peer reviewed sessions.

More information about the conference, including a programme, here.

Signal Boost: United States: Ninth Annual Tennessee Disability MegaConference in June 2011

The Tennessee Disability MegaConference is Tennessee’s largest disability-specific conference for individuals with disabilities, families, and professionals.  At the conference, people share the latest information and innovations on many topics including housing, employment, education, health care, recreation and leisure, mental health, and others.  Continuing education credits are offered in many categories.  People attending make new friends and important connections as everyone works together to encourage the full participation of all people with disabilities in their own lives!

More information here!

Signal Boost: The Netherlands: ‘Diversity in Quality of Life’ Conference

Disability Studies in Nederland and VU University Amsterdam have the pleasure of inviting you to the International Disability Studies Conference to be held around World Disability Day:

Conference: ‘Diversity in Quality of Life’

Date: December 2-4, 2010

Location: VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

On the occasion of the first anniversary of Disability Studies in Nederland and the start of its research program an international conference will be held from 2 till 4 December in the VU University, The Netherlands.

The conference will be held in cooperation with VU University and will focus on a key concept in mainstream academic approaches to disability, namely ‘quality of life’. It raises the question of how this concept can be used in a disability studies perspective.

One of the basic principles of the disability studies approach is to enable people with disabilities to tell their own story. This principle is meant to counteract the tendency in scientific approaches – whether in medicine, psychology, or sociology – to represent people with disabilities through the lense of impairment, need, or adaptation.

Having this principle in mind, this conference will bring together two types of reflections:

– One the hand presentations about (aspects of) quality of life from particular perspectives (e.g. young adults with visual impairments; developmental disabilities; deaf persons; or regional ‘reports’: Indonesia, South Africa).

– On the other hand presentations regarding the study of Quality of Life (e.g. predicting the relationship between social participation and QoL; conceptual comparison of methodological issues; QoL, intellectual disabilities and cultural differences).

The conference will bring together about 200 people from various communities and nationalities. We aim to build bridges between the world of science, education and people with disabilities and their organisations.

We are happy to announce keynote speakers: Lennard Davis, Adrienne Asch, Maya Thomas, Jackie Leach Scully, Hans Reinders, and Anja Hiddinga .

You can get more information about the programme and how to register on the conference’s website!

Signal Boost: Asians and Pacific Islanders with Disabilities of California (APIDC) Statewide Disabilities Conference This Weekend!

Please join Asians and Pacific Islanders with Disabilities of California (APIDC) and the City of Long Beach First Lady Nancy Foster as we hear from service providers, parent support groups, role models, educators, policy makers, advocates, job placement organizations and agencies, and others who share a common vision-of providing consumers the tools to realize their fullest potential, the tools for self determination.

Day 1 of the Conference will be geared towards bridging the mainstream service providers with the Asian Pacific Islander American community based organizations and consumers-to identify ways to better serve the hard to reach population of Asian and Pacific Islanders with physical and mental disabilities.

Day 2 of the Conference will be geared towards closing the information gap for the consumers and their families. Panelists and the audience will identify concrete ways to secure and maximize services, educational opportunities, and networking for Asian and Pacific Islanders with physical and mental disabilities.

More information here.

Signal Boost: Call for Papers: Body Politics

Breaking Boundaries: Body Politics and the Dynamics of Difference

a Conference at Sarah Lawrence College
Bronxville, New York
March 4-5, 2011
Free and Open to the Public

Keynote Speaker:

Marilyn Wann
Fat Activist and Author of Fat!So?

Also featuring:

Susan Schweik
Author of The Ugly Laws: Disability in Public

When it comes to “the body,” the definition of normal is fluid and changes across cultures and time. In each context, there are those who have been exploited and oppressed because they do not fit prevailing notions of beauty. This conference will explore the body politics around those with “deviant” bodies.

This conference will address these and other questions:

What are the dominant narratives and perceptions about beauty and bodies? How do these perceptions affect public policy around issues of health, civil rights, education, and accessibility? How do those whose bodies do not fit into the “proper” cultural norms challenge attitudes, laws and perceptions?  How have they negotiated for and found power in unwelcoming environments, both now and in the past? How do the categories of race, class, gender, sexuality, age and disability complicate prevailing ideas about embodiment?  Are there and have there been communities and cultures that have welcomed those whose bodies are currently perceived as deviant in dominant popular discourse? And, what is the relationship between promoting and continuing the dominant discourse and capitalist consumer culture?

We invite activists, scholars and artists in all fields to propose papers, panels, workshops, performances, and exhibits. Proposals for panels are especially welcomed, but individual papers will also be considered.

Specific topics may include, but are not limited to:

Representations of deviant bodies in popular culture
Social justice and fat and disability activism
Intersectionality:  race, gender, class, sexuality and the body
HAES: Health at Every Size
Feminism and the body
Social construction of disability
Objectification and commodification of the deviant body
Fiction and the deviant body
Language and the body
Deviant bodies across cultures and time

Please email a brief abstract and c.v./resume to:

Tara James
Women’s History Graduate Program
Sarah Lawrence College
Bronxville, NY 10708
Email: tjames[@]sarahlawrence[.]edu
Phone: 914-395-2405

Deadline December, 3 2010