Welcome to FWD/Forward: Feminists With Disabilities For a Way Forward

We’re still new, but it’s time to take us out of the box.

FWD/Forward is a group blog written by a crew of feminists with disabilities who are interested in exploring the intersection between feminism and disability rights activism. It’s going to include cross-posted content from many of our websites, as well as original content written specifically for this site by the contributors. Cross-posted and original content from guest posters will be featured as well.

We are not now and know we never can be representative of all feminists with disabilities. However, over time, we hope to expand the crew of contributors to incorporate as many perspectives as possible, which means that we want to hear from you if you are interested in joining us in any role, whether as a guest blogger or contributor, suggesting post topics, or anything else. We’re looking forward to being a part of the conversation already going on all over the Internet about feminism and disability, and we’re excited about the opportunity to interact with people who are working to change the way in which we think about disability rights activism and feminism.

We’re still nailing down the specifics and working out the fine details of things like our comments policy, but in the coming months, you can look forward to:

  • A disability kindy (pre-101) series for people who are new to disability rights activism
  • Disability 101 for kindy graduates
  • A series of basic intersectionality posts specifically for feminists who are new to disability issues
  • Consciousness-raising posts about identifying as a person with disabilities
  • Discussions about how people without disabilities and feminists without disabilities in particular interact with people with disabilities
  • Disability news quick-hits on ongoing disability issues in the news
  • Link roundups featuring disability news and writing on disability issues from around the Internet
  • Discussions about the language of disability rights activism, from differing terminology used internationally to the specific language used by individual groups which advocate for disability rights
  • Posts about the disproportionate amount of sexual, physical, and social abuse targeted at women with disabilities
  • Posts about people with  invisible disabilities and mental illnesses and challenges unique to those groups
  • Posts about the relationship between disability rights activism, social policy, and the law
  • Discussions of how to be an ally to feminists with disabilities

-The FWD/Forward Crew

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