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On the Bus

I am on the 38 Geary, coming back from an appointment with the cardiologist. There is a large box on my lap. I am sitting in the disabled seating, because it was the only seating available when I got on the bus. Normally I try to sit further back, to make room for those who […]

Which Is Worse: Reality TV or the commentary on it?

I’d heard mentions recently of the show Hoarders, on A&E. (I’m not going to link to their site.) The show, from what I gather, is a series with episodes focusing on individuals who compulsively hoard possessions. I’ve never watched it and do not plan to, as I’m extremely uneasy about television shows that focus on […]

Disability 101: Treatment Suggestions and Why They Are Not a Good Idea

I suggested a treatment/”cure” to a PWD for her/his/zie’s condition, and they ignored my suggestion/did not throw themselves at my feet with gratitude/got upset. Why? I was only trying to help! Many people who do not live with chronic health issues, perhaps in a spirit of wanting to help those they know who are in […]

Denial of Access In the Name of “Historic Preservation”

I’m starting this post off with an anecdote (I do that a lot, don’t I). But it’s such a perfect anecdote that it really does belong here. I recently attended an event in a historic building which  lacked wheelchair access from the front, although it was accessible (kinda, you had to go down a sort […]

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