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“But what do we CAAAALL them?”: The language of shackling

[This has been cross-posted at Hoyden About Town.] I don’t know who David Southwell is when he’s at home, but he’s showing his arse big-time over at his “Sub in the Pub” blog at, a large Australia news organisation that is part of News Limited (Rupert Murdoch). Following up on the story about the […]

Guest Post: Why I didn’t celebrate “World Mental Health Day”

Everyone, please welcome our first guest poster, Arwyn of Raising My Boychick. Arwyn lives in the United States’ Pacific Northwest with The Man, the Boychick, bipolar type 2, and migraines. When the intersection of her neurology and the kyriarchal society she lives in allows, she writes feminist thoughts inspired by parenting a presumably-straight white probably-male […]

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