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The Other 90%

Design for the Other 90% is a website which highlights design initiatives which are intended to be accessible to the “5.8 billion people, or 90% [of the world’s population], [who] have little or no access to most of the products and services many of us take for granted; in fact, nearly half do not have […]

Budget Cuts Work in Funny Ways

California, as some may be aware, is in the throes of a severe budget crisis. There are a lot of politics behind the budget issues, which I don’t want to get into in detail here, but the net effect has been especially chilling for social services. California’s cutting cost of living increases, slashing budgets for […]

Getting Through College with a Mental Disability

We’ve been talking a lot about how university faculty and staff individually respond to students with disabilities, as well as attitudes from universities as a whole towards identifying students with potential mental health problems. I’ve noticed a lot of stories in the comments on those posts about the struggles individual readers had when navigating the […]

Mental Health Coverage Makes Economic Sense

There are a lot of reasons to support health care reform and the inclusion of mental health treatment in that reform. I personally support it because I think health care (including mental health care) should be a basic human right of every human being and believe our government has a moral and humanitarian obligation to […]

Advocacy in Flawed Systems: Using Shackling Language to Help a PWD?

In my professional life, I’m an advocate at a non-profit agency that provides free legal services to low-income folks. I work primarily in the area of public benefits, which means I’ve done a lot of work with the program from the Social Security Administration (SSA) to assist low-income folks with permanent disabilities: Supplemental Security Income […]


Being discriminated against or exploited because one is female may be painful and dehumanizing, but it may not necessarily be as painful, dehumanizing, or threatening as being without food or shelter, as starvation, as being deathly ill but unable to obtain medical care. – bell hooks, Feminist Theory From Margin to Center

Disability, Gender, and Poverty

I came across a new study by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a D.C. think tank, examining the relationship between disability and poverty (pdf). I was very interested to read this because, while its not discussed in this study, poverty in the United States affects women at rates much higher than men. “The […]

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