Goodbye From FWD

Dear Readers: We agreed when we began that this site wouldn’t run indefinitely, that we would move aside when the time has come, and that time has come. Long before FWD was even imagined, people were writing about disability and feminism, in spaces across the Internet, coming from a variety of lived experiences and beliefs. […]

Bloggy Housekeeping Tasks

I wanted to bring folks’ attention to a few things on the blog!

FWD’s New Look

Thanks to lots of hard work on the part of Viv, FWD/Forward has a new look, as you can probably tell! As with all projects of this nature, it’s hard to tell how things will work out until we set them loose in the wild. So, it’s important to note that things are still very […]

Well, Wasn’t That Exciting?

Hi y’all! Did you miss us? We missed you! As many readers are no doubt aware, FWD/Forward was down for a day because our server was compromised. We are now back! And we apologize for the less than lovely appearance of the site at the moment; the look of the site will be changing in […]

Quick Bug Note

For all of you who subscribe to comments via email: Thanks to a reader who emailed us to let us know, we are aware that the “manage subscriptions” page where you are supposed to be able to manage your email subscriptions is all borky (unless black on black is your thing). We are working on […]

Warning: Site Tweaks

Gentle Readers! Please be advised that we are making some site tweaks, so if things go wonky on you, rest assured, they will straighten out. I promise. Because the site may be erratic, I strongly recommend saving copies of your comments in case they accidentally get eaten, although we will do our best to prevent […]

Guest Blogging at Bitch Magazine!

Anna’s mentioned in our daily linkspams that several of our contributors are guest blogging at Bitch Magazine, but I think it’s worthy of a formal announcement, too; Anna, meloukhia, abby jean, amandaw, Lauredhel, Annaham, and Ouyang Dan are writing as the “Transcontinental Disability Choir” for eight weeks–our introductory post briefly discussed what we’re doing at […]

Blub/gush, or You Guys Rule

Hi! We at FWD/Forward just wanted to take a second to express our appreciation and gratitude to the already robust community of readers and commenters on this site.  We’d had a feeling that there was a group of feminists with disabilities in the blogosphere, but we weren’t sure how many, or if a dedicated space […]

Accessibility Notes: FWD/Forward: Now With Bigger Fontification!

Readers may have noted today that the appearance of the site shifted around a bit (often between loading pages, in some cases). That’s because we’re working on making the text size more accessible, as part of our overall commitment to accessibility at FWD/Forward. To that end, we’ve implemented two changes which matter to readers: There […]

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