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Check out the most recent Disability Carnival at Astrid’s Journal!

September’s awesome disability carnival is up at Astrid’s Journal: Disability Blog Carnival: Identity. October’s edition is scheduled to be hosted at Through Myself and Back Again, by lilwatchergirl. Keep an eye out for more details!

Recommended Reading for Thursday, September 23

Recommended Reading for Thursday. I never quite got the hang of Thursdays.

Tell The Discovery Network that their transphobia is unacceptable

Late last week, PinkyIsTheBrain on tumblr began a campaign to bring attention to the new Investigation Discovery show “Who the Bleep Did I Marry?”, which equates someone being trans* with being a serial killer, a con artist, or a bank robber.

Recommended Reading for the Wednesday of My Discontent

I’m clearing out my backlog of awesome posts that I meant to link oh-so-long ago, but really: This stuff is always timely, and always worth reading. Also, today is the Wednesday of our discontent because I’m sick and miserable. Disability & Protests: Laura Hershey: Last Word on the MDA Protests (At Least For This Year): […]

ADAPT Protests partially lock-down White House! Media Yawns, Changes Subject

I spent most of my weekend pretty much glued to Twitter following ADAPT’s latest action in Washington, DC and wondering where the media was, especially after a huge group of wheelchair users blockaded one of the White House gates and 16 people were arrested. I actually thought that the White House security arresting a group of people with disabilities would surely be the sort of thing that the media would pick up on.

Foolish me!

Recommended Reading for September 20, 2010

Recommended Reading for September 20, 2010


Reminder! Deadline for Submissions to the September Disability Blog Carnival is Tuesday night!

I am totally cheating and just reposting what Ouyang Dan said earlier! Astrid, of Astrid’s Journal, has agreed after much consideration to host the September edition of the Disability Blog Carnival, and we at FWD/Forward are enthusiastic to support that decision! Astrid has chosen the theme “Identity”: Think of it as broadly as you want. […]

Dear Google: Can We Have Some Accessibility With Our Email Please?

Dear Google: Can We Have Some Accessibility With Our Email Please?

Actually, let me highlight that: In order to tell Google about their problems with accessibility, you need to be able to pass through the inaccessible Challenge.

Signal Boost: Help Mia Mingus & CripChick!

Check for more information about what Mia Mingus & Ms Crip Chick need at Leaving Evidence (mirrored at CripChick’s blog), and also check out the Book Sale at thaura zine distro: Revolutionary Love is More Than a Catch Phrase. There appears also to be an etsy sale in the works, so please keep an eye out for that as well.

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